How the NAVY Seals Remain Calm Under Extreme Pressure

It’s a lot closer than you might think

Andy Murphy


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Being a NAVY Seal has to be one of the most hardcore jobs there is. It’s hard to even imagine what they have to do, see, and process on a daily basis. If they didn’t have ways to self-regulate, stay calm, and keep focused right there in the moment when they needed it most, they’d be screwed.

It’s been famously documented now that they use breathing exercises to do just this. They can’t rely on fancy machinery or on any special equipment to help them in the intensity of combat, they have to use tools that are a lot closer at hand than that. The breath is as close as it gets.

The brain

The brain is firing and wiring electrical impulses at a rapid-fire rate and then sends those messages throughout the body via the vast network of nerves that makes up the nervous system. These impulses are heavily influenced by the innate animalistic impulses built with every being to aid relaxation or get them to safety. That impulse has been called the fight or flight response.

NAVY Seals are in a sustained fight or flight state for extremely long periods of time which means their nervous systems are highly alert, engaged, and focused. For most people, this would be enough to burn out at best or cause…