How to 2x Your Learning Speed with Help of ChatGPT

It’ll actually make you genius.

Sobaan Saeed


Photo by Fahim Imam

Everyone is using ChatGPT for learning, but only some people are getting the most out of it.

My self-learning cycle was hell, but it all changed with ChatGPT. Now I can learn literally anything I want and make considerable progress.

In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do is develop your skills. If you want to level up your life.

Personal Mentor

Finding a mentor is very tough, and many of us don’t have access to someone who can sit next to us and answer our questions.

But ChatGPT can literally do that for us. We can tell chat GPT that he’s an expert at whatever topic we want to learn.

Let’s say I want to learn how to do copywriting, which is a very good skill and want ChatGPT to be my mentor. Now I can basically proceed to ask ChatGPT pretty much any question.

There are no stupid questions. Ask anything. Sometimes I really try and curate the questions I ask. Since I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, but with ChatGPT, you’re not wasting anyone’s time.

It’s just a program. We can just keep asking it more and more questions. I really encourage you guys to try this.

Generally, I run into many hurdles I don’t understand, or a concept doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes these questions I have are dumb or seem very obvious, but I’m too afraid to put them online. So instead, I will go to ChatGPT and ask him.

Since it won’t criticize me for asking its stupid questions and never gets

tired or runs out of patience.

Learn How to Learn

Everyone learns a little bit differently.

You ask ChatGPT to suggest you various learning resources. These can be books, articles, videos, and podcasts about topics that cater to different learning styles.

It saves me hours of time manually looking online for theseresources. I can also be more specific in my prompts and ask it to give me only free resources, or if I’m willing to invest, I can get it to give me paid courses.

I can also ask it to be more specific. Give me resources that cater to my specific learning style, like visual resources.


Ask ChatGPT to break down the topic (you want to learn) into smaller, simpler chunks.

Most people don’t realize that ChatGPT has access to the web. You just type book titles, and it’ll summarize it for you.

It can save you a lot of time. It can give you key points but isn’t as good as reading a book on a subject. It will cut down the time, and you can use that time to apply these insights to real life.

If there’s anything in this list that you really want to dive deeper into. You just ask ChatGPT to give you more information about that particular concept.

Let’s say I want to learn how to meditate. I’ll go and find an article on Google, and the article is pretty long. I don’t want to read all of it.

I want it to summarize it for me. So here I ask ChatGPT to give me a summary of this article.

It allows me to go through books and articles a lot faster.

Measure Progress

Projects can be a great way to speed up the learning process since it involves active learning.

I ask ChatGPT to help me develop project ideas appropriate to my skill level. For example, I’m a beginner interested in learning how to create websites in WordPress.

It’ll provide many projects I could go through and start work on to strengthen my web development skills.

Final Thoughts

It’s going to be fun to level up your life. The more skills you have, the better your foundation will be.

It will be easier if you want to start a business or get a better job. I think it’s self-fulfilling to know these different things.

I’m a strong advocate of being a Jack of all trades. Diversify your thinking. It’ll help you find your thing.