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How to Access the Dark Web on Android Phone Safely? Don’t Ignore!

The best way to access the dark web on an Android phone is to use a special program. There are several possible options: official TOR browser, VPN, and Orbot + Orfox.

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Note: Always use a VPN like NordVPN to safely access the dark web on an Android phones as it hides your online IP address and keeps you and your data safe.

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The internet is a vast ocean of knowledge, of which you are only aware or use a small portion.

Most individuals only use 4–10% of the internet, and the remainder is part of what we term the deep web or dark web. If you want to learn about how to access the dark web on an android phone safely.

But if you are in a hurry, try the given methods for accessing the dark web on your Android phone:-

  • Sign up with a reputable VPN service provider. I recommend NordVPN (68% OFF + 3 Months Free)
  • Install the VPN app on your Android phone.
  • Choose a VPN server.
  • Open the Tor browser and access the dark web on your Android phone safely.

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What is the Dark Web?

You’re eager to learn how to use the dark web on your phone, but first, you need to understand what it is and what you can find there. Contrary to popular assumption, the dark web is not a haven for drug dealers, pornographers, or criminals.

Dark Web is one of the most misinterpreted expressions, with individuals exaggerating what is a simple concept. You must realize that the dark web is a component of the internet that is not indexed as you discover how to access it on your phone.

This guide on how to access the dark web android aims to provide you with a better understanding of this area of the internet.

This implies that most search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, won’t see it because they don’t crawl through that section.

The deep web is so named because it isn’t part of the surface web, which is the part of the internet that you can easily access.

I’ll say several times in this article about how to access the dark web on an android phone safely. Our guide to using the dark web on a phone, on the other hand, is a little different.

Dark Web vs Deep Web

So, rather than a deep web guide, this is more of a guide on how to access the dark web on a phone. It’s crucial to understand the difference between the deep web and the dark web so you don’t get them mixed up.

The deep web, as previously mentioned in our instruction on how to access the dark web on android phones safely, is the unindexed portion of the internet. Medical records, legal documents, bank information, and government databases are among the items in it that are not intended for the general public.

The deep web includes everything that is password-protected. It may or may not be confidential, but it isn’t indexed since search engines don’t think it’s necessary.

In answer to this misconception, the deep web is not only accessible through Tor. Even whether you utilize Tor, Freenet, or I2P, most of the information there is lawful.

The dark web is exactly what it sounds like: the sinister side of the internet. And, as we learned in our article on how to access the dark web on a phone, it is where the internet nefarious activities take place: drug traffickers, live broadcast torture, weapon sales, frightening pornography, rape, murder, you name it.

As we outlined in our Tor guide, the black web is only accessible through Tor’s onion networking. Because it’s tough to track, it’s not regulated by the government, making it the ideal sanctuary for criminal activity. Because you cannot find it using a standard search engine, the dark web uses the .onion extension.

In a nutshell, the deep web is everything that isn’t indexed by search engines.

The dark web is similar to the deep web, but it is more difficult to navigate and illegal.

Hopefully, this advice about browsing the dark web on an android or other device has answered some of your questions.

Is Deep Web Legal Or Illegal?

Accessing the deep web is not illegal. The information is there for you to access and use, but if you use it for illegal activities, that’s another story.

The dark web is what’s illegal, and if you don’t want to go to jail for trying to buy drugs, smuggle weapons, or watch disturbing porn, then you better stay out of that part of the deep web.

The deep web is just a part of the internet that is not accessible by most search engine sites and therefore, the websites there don’t appear in search results.

As long as you don’t participate in illegal activities, you can browse the deep web without legal concerns.

How To Access Dark Web Safely?

Are you prepared to learn how to log in to the deep web?

Installing a VPN is the first and most critical step before attempting to access the deep web.

By encrypting your data, masking your IP address, and spoofing your location, you will have the best safety possible while browsing the internet.

Warning: When visiting the deep web, it gets strongly advised that you utilize a VPN such as NordVPN to mask your IP address and personal information. It is an additional security step to keep you secure while browsing the virtually entirely unregulated portions of the internet.

3 Simple Steps to Access Dark Web on Android Phone — Be Careful

1) Install A VPN like NordVPN

Photo by Privecstasy on Unsplash

Because you never know who or what you’re working with, we recommend using a VPN.

Some VPN companies have powerful security features that allow you to utilize Tor while connected to a VPN.

They also send your data through an encrypted VPN server first, followed by additional Tor hops. It’s hard to trace data back to you once it leaves Tor’s exit node and reaches its final destination.

NordVPN is the most recommended VPN service out there because of its fantastic service and security features.


2) Install The TOR Browser

After setting up a VPN, you will need to set up Tor on your computer. We produced a step-by-step guide for Windows, Linux, and Mac that you may use.

Here’s a basic rundown of how to install Tor (which you will need if you want to login to the deep web):

  • Use this link to get the Tor browser.
  • Select the place where you wish Tor to get installed.
  • Finish the setup wizard.

3) Configure The Security Settings

You must customize Tor’s security settings after downloading and installing it. On top of your VPN subscription, this will ensure optimum security.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • To begin, open the Tor browser. Do not maximize the window because this will allow websites to monitor you based on your screen size (really). Leave it at the default size.
  • On the upper left side of the toolbar, click the Tor button.
  • For this Site, select New Identity or New Tor Circuit from the drop-down option. It will give you a new IP address for the time being.
  • Select the Tor button once more, then Security Settings. It will allow you to adjust the level of security that the Tor browser operates at. Select Safest, it will deactivate JavaScript, preventing you from watching videos and affecting the website animations. Choose Safer or Standard if you absolutely, entirely trust the onion website you’re visiting.

Quick Tips To Access Dark Web On Android Phone Safely?

If you have an Android phone, there is an easy way to access the dark web from your phone. You can use your smartphone to surf the dark web if you follow the procedures below.

To begin, download and install NordVPN for Android. Sign in with your current NordVPN account and use the Onion over Tor option to safeguard your phone as well.

Then, go to the Google Play Store and download the Orbot: Tor Proxy app. After the app has completed downloading, open it.

To use the Tor proxy, press the Start button. You can now access the deep web using your standard browser.

Is It Safe To Access Dark Web On Phone?

When exploring unfamiliar seas, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The risk of having your personal information exposed or downloading a malicious file is far higher than merely browsing, given the high concentration of illegal activity, unusual websites, and hackers lurking beneath unfamiliar connections.

Routing traffic from the Tor network to the clearnet is equally dangerous because the Tor Exit node is the Tor network’s exit point to the clearnet.

It could get hacked by an eavesdropper who monitors or manipulates your online activity.

Instead, use a VPN to encrypt all of your traffic inside a VPN tunnel, preventing attackers from seeing what you’re trying to access, concealing your identity, and preventing data manipulation.


Tor with a good VPN like NordVPN should get used by anyone who is accessing the dark web on their android phone while also being concerned about their security.

I wish you luck in either locating what you need on the deep web or keeping your personal information and communications away from prying eyes.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the concept of the deep web, Tor is an easy-to-use Android app that overcomes all of the security and speed difficulties that other deep web browsers now offer.

While I try to remain objective, I doubt any browser will improve Tor’s functioning shortly.

If you have any questions or comments about how to access the dark web on your android phone, please leave them in the comments section below.

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