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How To Be A Conscious Leader

Conscious leaders pay attention to both content and context, but what do they mean exactly and how does it work?

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A conversation is a vital part of leadership, and each conversation has both context and content. Content is what we are talking about. Context is how we are talking about it.

When you are talking about next year’s budget with your team, you are having a conversation. Here the content is revenue and expenses. Conscious leaders pay attention to context and how they are having the conversation. Regarding attention to the context, there are two groups of leaders:

  • To me
  • By (or from) me

Useful questions to consider:

  • Are You having the conversation from curiosity OR defensiveness?
  • Do you want to listen, learn, and grow OR defend your egos and prove you are right?
  • Do you claim responsibility OR place blame on others?
  • Are you about openness and candor OR withholding and manipulating?

“To me” leaders see themselves as at the effect of people circumstances and conditions life is happening to them they’re victims of the world around them.

“By me” leaders see themselves as creators of their experience. They take radical responsibility for whatever is occurring in their lives, they live from a great experience of empowerment.

Conscious leaders pay as much attention to context because the context, in the long run, determines how innovative creative, effective, and collaborative their teams can be.

In the “to me” group, the issues don’t get resolved but recycled, which leads to loss of time and money. Unconscious leaders try to address this recycling by doubling down on content.

Conscious leaders address the context first before addressing the content. They identify when they and others are in a “to me” mindset and understand that this reactivity is coming from insecurity and threat so they invite themselves and others to shift often, they simply ask that people pause and take a breath. Because whenever they’re triggered and in a “to me” mindset, they’re not breathing well and they’re amped up on adrenaline, Then conscious leaders address context directly. They invite people to value listening over speaking, learning over being right, and revealing over concealing facts. Once context issues are addressed, content issues can be resolved more easily.

Einstein said a problem cannot be resolved from the consciousness from which it was created.

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