How to Become a Content Creator? Keep Writing and Call Yourself One

If you want to be a content creator you should know that it’s not all just about visuals, you can be a content creator through writing and blogging too

William Samayoa
Jul 11, 2020 · 4 min read
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I believe that journaling is an art form. Like all art forms, journaling requires patience, skill, and commitment. I also believe that art is about showcasing your reality. Now is art meant to shared publicly? Or is meant to be stored privately? I can’t say, and not even scholars can agree. What I can say with confidence is that in this time of social distancing creating is more essential than ever.

What even is content and why are you a content creator

Through random content I’ve consumed I’ve grown to understand something. Everyone can be a content creator. Before I continue, I’d like to offer a definition of content. The Merriam Webster definition for content has 4 entries, I’ll be choosing the second. The second definition defines the noun as, “the events, physical detail, and information in a work of art.” (Merriam Webster) I’m treating content as the works of art that an individual produces. Whether it’s videos, photography, or blogs, or a watercolor painting you made, it’s all content. It’s an event, or experience, that you captured in a sensory form.

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Trust me, I too long for the day I can visit a crowded coffee shop. I’d welcome the tired indie playlist and cacophony of chatter in my local Starbucks. As I waited for my iced matcha latte, I’d see some sort of content. However, I never really paid attention to it. Now that I’m home I’m actually reading and listening and I’m seeing a new trend.

Most content creators are creating pieces that address their longing for our old sense of, “normal.” From morning workouts to afternoon coffee runs, or dinner reservations, these are all topic proliferating across podcasts, vlogs, and blogs. The content that people want, and that you’re probably already making, is about just everyday life.

Learning to cope with social distancing is a responsibility we all have. The pressure during this pandemic to stay alert is daunting. And people want to feel that they are not alone even though they might be in their environment. When I start to feel drained, or I just have an idea, I start writing. Because whether I think people care how I make my coffee at home, the truth is that almost all of us are stuck at home and looking for a good coffee recipe.

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Call yourself a content creator and stay committed to creating

I define myself as a writer. In college, I studied composition and rhetoric. In my professional life, I am a communicator. To my family and friends, I am the talker. In all aspects of my life, I love to use language to connect with people. That relationship that I forge with language, my building block of choice being written text, is my art. It was through seeing creators push out content that I realized the kairos of this moment.

We should make our own works of art to bridge the gap with the people we miss. Reading home work-out guides reminds me of my affinity for a group class. Watching vlogs about organization helps me get creative in fixing my closet. Interacting with other people’s content gives me a preview of what they miss and what they love. Understanding a person through their art meets a lot of my criteria as a face to face impression.

Creating content should be an avenue that lets you showcase your passion and practice it. Producing your own art can be something simple or as elaborate as you wish. Maybe you have a puzzle somewhere in your house? Well, you can capture pics following your progress. Or do you feel inclined to express order a fancy Nikon and start a vlog channel? I say do whatever feels right to you! Just make sure that you do it with a commitment to follow-through.

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Maintaining a daily journal was something I started, and then didn’t do for a few days. I didn’t feel fulfilled keeping my thoughts confined to the leather-bound pages under my desk. The content I enjoyed had an audience of more than just 1. Thus, I started blogging regularly. My form of content is rooted in the written text.

If you feel overwhelmed by this pandemic then I urge you to turn that fear into inspiration. I believe that inspiration shouldn’t always come from external forces but from the experiences, we have inside as fuel. Hopefully, this post provides you with a framework of looking at content creation as less daunting.

I hope you discover your art form and share it with those you want to connect with. While we stay home and social distance we can still maintain the relationships that matter to us.

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We curate outstanding articles from diverse domains and…

William Samayoa

Written by

Work in Film & TV doing PR/social media. I’ve called CA, NY, and the UK all home. Welcome to my behind-the-scenes thoughts.


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

William Samayoa

Written by

Work in Film & TV doing PR/social media. I’ve called CA, NY, and the UK all home. Welcome to my behind-the-scenes thoughts.


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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