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How To Choose Keyword For SEO

“Good SEO is paying attention to all the details that most people ignore.”

How To Choose Keywords For Seo
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Keyword research is a crucial step for SEO.

Do you know how to choose a keyword for SEO?

This article will help you learn how to choose keywords for SEO. It will also help you know some tips for SEO keyword research, which most successful marketers are using to rank their customer’s sites.

What is SEO Keyword Research?

It is the process where you research what people are searching for a particular topic. It gives you data about what keyword people are searching and, you put those keywords into your Article and Product page. So if someone, will type that keyword, your site will come in.

Today it is not that easy to rank on the first pages, because thousands of people are trying to rank and, even big corporations want to rank their sites on Google. If you want your site to rank on Google, you need to do both off-page and on-page SEO.

When you are working on ranking your site on Google, SEO keyword research will play a crucial role in this work. Because if you do not put that keyword which people are typing, then how will people see your brand if you do not put the keywords which they are typing? You need to know how to choose keywords for SEO, so your audience will find your brand.


Find keywords that have high volume and low SEO difficulty

If you are starting on a new site, then I recommend you target a keyword that has a minimum of 100 to 400 search volumes. Because these keywords are easy to rank for and do not forget to check their SEO difficulty. It should be around 1 to 30.

Most people only see keywords that have high volume, then They think it is beneficial for the site. To put that keyword and they do not realize how much SEO difficulty that keyword has.

But you need to understand your site is new. And, many sites are already ranked on that keyword with high domain authority and, it is easy for them to rank their site.

But for you, it is not easy to rank on a keyword that has high volume and, high SEO difficulty. So first build your domain authority by ranking on that keyword which has a minimum of 100 to 400 search volumes and 1 to 30 SEO difficulty.

If you rank on these keywords, which have low SEO difficulty and medium search volume, your site builds a domain authority. Then you can compete with keywords that have high volume and high SEO difficulty.

But first, if you are starting a new site then, find keywords that have low SEO difficulty around 1 to 30 and 100 to 400 search volumes. It will be easy for you to rank on that keyword and grow your audience.

Find long-tail keyword

Let’s say you target a keyword that has 1 to 2 words which is a short tail keyword. But the problem with the short tail keywords is that you do not know about what topic and what specific problem your audience has, so you can solve their problem.

If someone will type “digital marketing” then, I do not know what question they have and what information they want. If they search “digital marketing free tools” then I know what they are looking for.

It will give you a deeper understanding and give your audience a good experience with your site when you rank your site on the relevant long-tail keyword.

Sometimes, long-tail keywords do not have much SEO difficulty, which is good for you to rank easily, and second, it is stable for you to rank on a specific topic so if your audience will type those long-tail keywords, they see related content which they want, instead of targeting short-tail keywords which didn’t describe what your audience wants.

Make a list of the primary keyword and secondary keyword

Select a primary targeted keyword that you put in the title and meta description. If your blog is around 1000 words, then make sure that the primary keyword will appear ten times and choose a secondary keyword that will use 4 to 5 times in a 1000 words blog.

It helps the search to understand that you are not only targeting the primary keyword, but you target both a primary keyword and a secondary keyword. This SEO keyword research technique will help you increase your chances of ranking in different keywords.

Do not do keyword stuffing

Back in 2010, people do keyword stuffing and rank on google to get tons of traffic. But if you do that today, then modern search engines will penalize your site and, they catch you easily if you do keyword stuffing.

So don’t do that because it will blacklist your site. Just practice the SEO keyword research tips and update your SEO consistently.


Understanding how to choose keywords for SEO is crucial for any online business. If you want to increase your site traffic, then you should focus on SEO keyword research.

Because it gives you data about what people are searching for. When people search for that product which you already have, you can optimize your site according to what people are searching for.

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