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How to clean your home in an energetic way.

A cleaning checklist for the high vibe.

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Like it or not, our home’s personality is an accurate gauge that reflects our surroundings, where we have been, what’s going on in our lives, and who we are — today, this moment — though not necessarily where we are heading. Without seeing you, I can imagine you in this moment looking around your home in either dismay or utter joy that your space is reflecting who you are.

It’s true. You express yourself most authentically at home, whether you want to or not. So if your place is not in alignment with the vibe you think you are, please do not run to a list of excuses that, if you had more money, you could have a bigger space to house all of your items or if you had more money to decorate it would look much better. Ok, yes, money does help make some incredible room transformations but honey, the way you do anything is the way you do everything, so spare me the sob story.

Even with a fancier, spacious, well-dressed home, you would still reflect the state of your mind in that space. And to be frank, we cannot put our lives on hold until there’s cash because we end up short-changing ourselves and those we love.

Getting your house snatched!

To master the art of creating a microcosm of serenity, security, and sanity for ourselves and those we love, we must know where to begin. If you were never gifted with the tools of keeping things in order, clean and uncluttered, it’s imperative that as an adult, you learn the rudimentary skills for an appreciation of tidinesss to live out happier lives.

We must plan before we act. But before we plan, we must imagine what we want.

So before you begin the daunting task of cleaning and organizing, close your eyes and imagine how you would want to see each room in your home. This is an essential step because imagining first, instead of reacting to the chores, allows us to claim our control and not let the housework dominate us.

Determine your standard of living.

It’s essential to figure out what is your standard of ideal housekeeping. Remember to make it your own; it doesn’t have to be what you see someone else doing. If you prefer getting a housekeeper rather than doing it yourself, then that is your ideal method. That doesn’t mean you do not have a standard; in fact, you must have a standard to set clear expectations for your housekeeper if you choose to have someone else clean for you. So my advice still applies.

I understand cleaning may not be the most fun activity right now, but daily cleaning is necessary, even when you have a cleaner. Your home should represent who you are daily, not just weekly, monthly, or whenever the cleaner is available.

Cleaning your way to high vibes.

First, you need to imagine how you would like each room to look. So ask yourself these questions: What do I want the room to look like? What type of mood do I want this room to evoke? Once you have determined what you want to see and feel about each room, you need to develop your non-negotiables and negotiables for living. This simply means you need to determine the ultimate minimal standard for housekeeping that you can live with that will not disrupt your peace.

For example, Jade can live with the floors being messy, but the dishes must be clean. If the dishes are not cleaned, Jade gets so frustrated and cannot concentrate, so Jade’s dirty dishes are non-negotiable.

Next, you will need a plan on what needs to be done and when.

Here is a checklist with a schedule on how to bring order and harmony into your home:

Daily To-Do’s

  • Make your bed before leaving your home.
  • Wipe all countertops morning and night.
  • Place your toiletries and cosmetics where they belong.
  • Sort the mail. And immediately recycle junk mail.
  • Load dishwasher or wash all dishes before bed.
  • Wipe sink hardware in the kitchen.
  • Sweep or Vacuum the entire house.
  • Take out garbage from all rooms.
  • Burn a candle of your preferred scent.
  • Fluff couch pillows and fold throws.
  • Wipe down coffee table and side tables.

Weekly To-Do’s

  • Throw away withered flowers; keeping dead flowers is terrible luck.
  • Throw away spoiled, expired food in the fridge.
  • Burn Sage, Palo Santo, or Incense and then open windows for fresh air.
  • Dust, wipe down and disinfect all countertops.
  • Wipe down mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • Clean surface of oven and stove.
  • Disinfect the garbage disposal with bleach or a cut lemon or orange
  • Vacuum and mop floors.
  • Cleanse crystals with sage, sunlight, under a full moon, or with cold water.
  • Disinfect all toilets and sinks.
  • Clean and scrub shower and tubs.
  • Change and launder sheets and towels.
  • Launder your clothing, separating lights from darks.
  • Take clothing to dry cleaner.

Monthly To-Do’s

  • Clean out your closet and edit your clothing. Does it fit? Does it compliment you? Does it make you feel fabulous?
  • Sort your clothes by making piles for keeps, toss, donate, give away, and consign.
  • Organize desk and junk drawer. Get rid of the design of a junk drawer.
  • Sort and edit bathroom items, including medications, toiletries, cosmetics, and hair accessories.
  • Throw away expired food in the pantry.
  • Vacuum ceiling vents to prevent dust from polluting inside air.
  • Vacuum upholstery and moldings.
  • Disinfect wastebaskets.
  • Scrub stovetop.
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean and deodorize the microwave.

Quarterly To-Do’s

  • Condition all-leather furniture and polish wood.
  • Vacuum lampshades.
  • Wipe all baseboards.
  • Shampoo the carpet and dry clean rugs.
  • Degrease the stove hood.
  • Polish stainless steel appliances.
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer thoroughly, removing all contents.
  • Clean and descale coffee maker.
  • Sort through cleaning supplies. Discard what you don’t want and purchase what is needed.
  • Wash or dry clean pillows and comforters.

Yearly To-Do’s

  • Clean oven interior.
  • Clean cabinets and pantry shelves.
  • Vacuum and dust refrigerator coil.
  • Wash stove hood filter.
  • Wipe down walls or have repainted if necessary.
  • Clean upholstery (sofas and curtains).
  • Have rugs professionally cleaned.
  • Replace damaged dishware, utensils, and pots.
  • Replace kitchen towels and napkins.
  • Go through product inventory — replenish or throw out.
  • Go through clothing, towels, cosmetics, body care, dishware, choosing what to save, give away, and toss.

How we care for our home is a subtle but significant expression of self-love.

If you choose to reconsider how to care for your home, it will become an expression of your authenticity and reunion with the vibratory frequency you have thought yourself to be. You may not be an expert housekeeper or organizer, but it is never too late for you to discover the sacred soul-nourishing art of home-keeping. Creating a comfortable, beautiful, well-run home makes an illuminating spiritual experience, an emotional return to self and those you love. Now that’s a vibe!



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