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How to Find Well-Being in a World Shaking at Its Roots

A simple 3-step technique to be secure in Self when the world is falling apart.

Mindfulness — a ceramic store in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Photo by Author — Ceramic Store, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In 2015, in the first episode of Schitt’s Creek, when Moira Rose told Johnny Rose that the world was falling apart and she was dying inside, we smiled, maybe even laughed. Fast forward to today, and Moira’s words seem hauntingly prophetic.

Some schools of spiritual thought call this age we are in, ‘The Age of Authenticity.’ However, many have lost faith in and no longer trust governments, institutions, educational systems, and religions. Where is the authenticity?

If there is a lesson here, perhaps it is that authenticity must begin with oneself. You can no longer rely on the outer world. You must be true to yourself.

Well-Being in an unstable world requires a strong sense of Self.

When the world seems to be falling apart around you, it is more important than ever to be able to Self-Generate. Self-Generation is the ability to create and maintain a strong sense of Self regardless of what is happening around you. When you are present in Self, security and well-being flow naturally.

When something pulls you off-center, you lose your sense of Self. In your inner world, things like emotional charges and worries can cause you to lose Self. If someone cuts in front of you in your outer world, it can trigger anger and pull you off-center.

A Death Sentence

In 1952, Lester Levenson’s doctor had sent him home to die. He had been a physicist and successful entrepreneur. But, the stress in his life from his work had taken a toll on his health. Upon sending him home, his doctor told him to avoid any activity as even taking a step could cause him to drop dead at any minute.

Lester was devastated. He had always been active. The thought that he could die or become crippled filled him with dread. He considered offing himself with the morphine his doctor had given him for kidney stone attacks.

After several days of intense fear, he told himself that he was still alive and that there was hope as long as he was alive. He commanded, “Either get me off this earth or give me the answers!”

The two realizations that saved Lester’s Life

After much pondering and seeking within, Lester had two realizations that ultimately saved his life.

  1. His own emotions were the cause of his problems, not what happened in the outer world or the people in it. He had long struggled with his emotions, and this struggle had caused his bad health.
  2. He had the ability to release and discharge these emotions. He found freedom, happiness, and health by letting go of them instead of struggling, suppressing, and denying them.

By letting go of his emotions, in just three months, he returned to health and remained healthy for another 40 years.

Being imperturbable

By releasing his emotional charges, Lester found that he was no longer pulled off-center by people or things. He remained calm and did not lose his newfound sense of Self. He called this ability being imperturbable.

People who are full of emotional charges are easily triggered. A touchy person is easily upset, offended, or irritated. Due to the emotional charges in their inner world, they are easily hooked by people or things that happen to them in their outer world. This is the opposite of being imperturbable.

Thoughts determine what happens

Lester began to examine thinking and its relationship to what happens. He found that everything that happens has a thought behind it that caused it to happen. However, there is a time-lapse between the thought and when something happens. Because of this time gap, he never saw the cause and effect between a thought and what happens.

When Lester finally realized that everything that happened to him had a thought behind it first, he knew that if he could control his thinking, he could control what happened to him. Because his negative emotional charges were causing negative thoughts, it was no wonder that his health had deteriorated. By releasing his emotions, he was able to return to health.

Lester was responsible for what happened to him and had the power to change it.

Lester realized that he was responsible for what happened to him. Previously he thought the world was abusing him and that he was a victim. He knew that by letting go of negative emotions, he was able to change his thinking and change his life. Lester knew he was responsible for what had happened to him and had the power to change it. He knew that he was no longer the effect of his world but its cause. This filled him with a sense of great freedom.

Lester came to know who he was — I Am.

The more Lester let go and cleaned, cleared, and healed himself, the more he came to know who and what he was. In Lester’s words, “The glory of knowing what you are. It’s a tremendous experience. It’s an ecstasy, a euphoria. There are no real words to describe it because, well, we’re in an age where these things are not experienced and therefore not understood, so how can there be words for things that are not understood?”

The Release Technique

Lester developed a system he could teach others how to release and let go. He called this The Release Technique. It is a simple three-step process.

Here are the three steps:

  1. Focus on an issue about which you would like to feel better.
  2. Allow yourself to feel the issue. Welcome the feeling.
  3. Ask yourself three questions:
  • Could I let this feeling go?
  • Would I let this feeling go?
  • When?

Remember that you can drop an emotion the same way you can drop a stone in your hand. Just open and let go.

Repeat the process until you feel free. Sometimes the release will be quick. Other times it can take several sessions. Repeat the process, and you will find you can let go a little more each time.

The Release Technique is simple but powerful. You can use it for any challenge or problem in your life. You will find yourself becoming free of emotional charges. Things and people no longer trigger you. You worry less. Fewer things or people can bother you.

You become imperturbable.

As you progress on your release journey, you reclaim your personal power. You have more dominion in your life to create the reality you prefer. You increase your ability to live mindfully with a sense of Self. You gain the ability Self-Generate.

Like Moira, you may see the world out there collapsing. But, unlike Moira, you are not dying inside. You are increasingly coming to life. Unlike the world out there, your world reflects your love for yourself, others, and your Source. You are imperturbable.

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Enjoy a short clip with Moira from Schitt’s Creek, also known as the world’s Schittiest mom.

Moira, I’m Dying Inside, Clip from Schitt’s Creek



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