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How To Make Money Writing Books

Make Money Writing Books

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Hey, Readers Welcome to my Blog Post In This Blog. I Will Give Some Tips about “How To Make Money Writing Book”.

So if you want to connect with readers and sell more books make sure to Follow me and get new content to your inbox every day.

But in this blog I’m gonna be sharing the strategy for writing books that actually make money. So as most of you guys know my Blog is geared towards first-time writers.

So it’s for people who haven ever written a book before, they have no experience with writing or publishing or marketing. So this video I really wanted to do with you in mind.

These tips will help you so that you are able to make money from your book. So let’s get started with Tip #1

1. Cater To Your Target Audience

How To Make Money Writing Books
How To Make Money Writing Books

Write a book that caters to your target audience and genre. Now of course I say this in almost every single Blog I feel like, but I really want you to think about this from the perspective of books that you have really loved and also from the perspective of books that you have gone on to recommend to other people.

What is it specifically about those books that you loved?

why did you feel the need to share it?

So usually what you’ll find is that there was something about that book that really resonated with you. If it’s you know something such as a nonfiction book is gonna be something in there that really resonated with you

Or if it’s a fiction book it’s usually gonna be that it really met your expectations for that genre. So knowing your genre really well and giving your audience exactly what they want and what they expect from that genre is really gonna put you in a position to make money from your book.

Now that seems like a simple answer but it definitely is. You want to know your target audience really well! You want to understand your genre really well so that when you’re writing, you’re writing with your target audience and genre in mind.

2. Start Marketing While Writing

How To Make Money Writing Books
How To Make Money Writing Books

Start marketing your book while you’re writing and once you publish, consistently market your book! So the reason why this is such an important tip in order to make money as a writer is as first-time writers .

We usually don’t have anyone that’s going to be looking actively looking for our book so you want to start to market to your audience on whatever social media platform you choose and you want to start to get them interested in the book so that when you get ready to publish your book you actually have someone to sell the book to.

And then you also want to consistently market your book! Now that’s important and that’s one of the biggest mistakes that new authors make.

So usually what ends up happening is… is that once the book is published there’s a big marketing boost and there’s a lot of effort being done on the marketing end and then once three or four months goes by the marketing starts to wane and then the question is

why is my book not selling?

The reason why your book is not selling is again you’re a new author! You don’t have a lot of readers at this point so you need to consistently market.

Now what does consistently marketing mean?

It just means that you need to be active on whatever social media platform you’re using. You want to be doing book signings or going to book conferences… in some way you need to let people know that you have a book and this doesn’t mean it needs to happen every day. For example,

I don’t necessarily market everyday but by doing YouTube videos on a weekly basis that’s drawing more attention to my brand and also drawing attention to my books.

3. Choose One Social Media Platform

How To Make Money Writing Books
How To Make Money Writing Books

Choose one social media platform where your audience is and build a communities.

So to put this all in perspective when I first started writing my social media platform of choice was Twitter.

It never felt comfortable and never really felt like where I needed to be. So while I was posting on a regular basis I really didn’t have a lot of engagement because it really did not feel like a comfortable social media platform for me. So I moved my social media platform over to Facebook and I had a lot more success there but honestly my social media platform of choice is YouTube and this is where I spend a bulk of my energy because my community is here.

Now that does not mean that I don’t still have a Twitter or Facebook and Instagram. I do use all those social media platforms but when I’m talking to my clients and I’m talking to you I really want to encourage you guys to choose one social media platform where you put the majority of your focus so that you can grow a community that you can engage with.

Once you have that community now you have someone that you can market your book to. By me getting on YouTube every week and sharing my experience with you guys and sharing tips you guys search out my books on your own so when I say find one social media platform.

I don’t necessarily mean that you need to be on your social media platform saying buy my book, but share your experiences, share things about your writing journeys, share things about questions that may be around the subject matter that you’re writing on so that you grow a community and you have someone to later market and sell your book to.




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