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How to Make Time Fly.

Turning Waiting Time into Time You Can't Wait For.

I’m looking up the track.


No train in sight.

It’s 11:07pm.

The 11:03pm did not whoosh in at 11:03pm.

Who knows when it will arrive?

Perhaps, never.

I’d like to settle into a train seat and be on my way home.

I’m tired.

I’m bored.

I’m agitated.

Sure, I know…

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.


But, how about when you’re not?

There is a flip side to the “Time Flies” aphorism.

A Watched Pot Never Boils.


When I’m waiting, time seems never to pass. Or, to move so slowly, it’s excruciating.

Perhaps, diverting my attention is the answer. Many people carry a book expressly for this purpose.

A book carries with it a hint of the solution I’m about to propose.

Yet if I read while I’m waiting, I’ll likely be distracted by the fact that time is passing with no prospect of the 11:03pm. And if it ever gets here, I can read more comfortably once I’m on the train.

Plus, I’m agitated. I’m not sure I want to sit down and open a book.

Why not give myself a constructive physical task? Or, possibly, a task I’ve been meaning to attend to?

That’s it!!!

Not merely a physical or purposeful action, but one I’ve been meaning to do.

Most importantly, one which shifts my relationship with time.

How do I accomplish that?

Here’s how.

I pick an activity which…

***Builds myself in some constructive way.

***I don’t normally get to.

***Takes longer than the time I project I have (in this case, longer than I expect the train will take to arrive.)


To exemplify, I have tight Achilles tendons.

In order to lengthen them, my pediatrician long ago told me to walk on my heels; an awkward and uncomfortable activity to do in public.

Still, I can do a stretch I know.

I intend to accomplish it every day, yet seldom, if ever, do.

Putting my arms against a wall, or a post, extending one leg behind me and bending the other beneath me, is a boring, thankless task. I dislike doing it. I always put it off.

Yet, I can do it now.

On the train platform!

As I wait!!!

Doing an Achilles heel stretch meets all my criteria.


***Contributes to my wellbeing.

***Is an activity I intend to get to, yet don’t.

***Takes an extended, but not too extended, amount of time.

I find a post, put my hands against it, and step back. I start my first stretch.

The stars peek down at me on the open platform.

Conversations from the sprinkling of fellow passengers chatting on their phones float into my ears.

I hope the train doesn’t come before I finish.


I like to do three passes of thirty seconds on each leg.

I’m now wishing the train doesn’t come. I’m hoping I can finish my series before the 11:03pm gets here.

That I’ll have enough time.


Rather than being bored, and agitated, and noting every passing second of delay, I’m engaged in a productive activity I hope I’ll have time to complete.

Now, time is flying.


I understand you may not want, or need, to stretch your Achilles tendons.

Still, I am absolutely sure you have a great many beneficial activities you seldom get to but mean to cross off your list.

How about…

***Taking 7 consecutive full deep breaths.

***Doing preventive carpal tunnel exercises for your wrist.

***Sorting the pictures in your phone, or the files on your computer.

***Doing a favorite meditation.

***Looking for that pesky address you haven’t been able to find.

***Checking the definition of those vocabulary words you intend to look up.

***Making a list of the people you’ve been meaning to call, yet haven’t.

***Calling one of them.

Waiting time is found time.

The time I didn’t expect to have.

A mountain of constructive tasks awaits my tending to them.

By picking one and doing it, suddenly I hope I will have the time to complete it in the time I have to wait.

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