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How to Make your Bedroom Stress-Free

Learn how to make your surroundings much calmer

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

I spend the most time in my bedroom. Not the family room, not the living room, not the terrace nor kitchen. My room is very peaceful. It’s a very positive room. And that’s what makes me stay in my room most of the time.

So here are my tips for you to make your bedroom/ space stress-free based on my experience.

#1 Get Rid of Clutter

Image by Saanvi Jarmal

Clutter is basically a collection of things lying about in an untidy state (according to the Oxford dictionary). Look at the pictures given above and think to yourself.

Cluttered spaces make you feel more stressed. An untidy environment actually generates more of the stress hormone cortisol in the brain. Cortisol is a primary stress hormone. I think I have made my point pretty clear.
If our space is a mess so are we!

#2 Freshen up your walls!

Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

You can either paint your bedroom walls by yourself or get a professional painter to do so! (It’s much more fun and messy when you do it yourself!) Go to a store and mix and match colours according to your preference! Check out Pinterest and other sites for inspiration! Personally, I love the colour olive for a calm and soothing feel. My walls are olive too! (Thanks to my mother, who has really good taste!)

#3 Bedding Matters

Photo by Camella Homes on Unsplash

When you enter a room one of the first things you see is the bed. And if that bed is messy you feel messy. I hear this daily from my mother (whose pet peeve is messy beds), ‘Don’t you feel irritated when your bed is messy, like how can you feel like doing anything?’. Now I agree I do find it difficult to you know, get up, fold my blanket, make my bed. It’s a lotta work right after waking up! My eyes only don’t open and I got to fix my bed.

But…throughout the day when my bed is clean and tidy, my room looks so cosy and clean. Don’t fit the biggest bed in the market just because it fits. Bedrooms, like the one above, look charming when they aren’t swallowed up by the bed itself.

#4 Lighting must be in Light

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

You need to have good lighting in your room, it’s a must… Make sure that your curtains can be pulled aside to let the sunshine in. If your room doesn’t get much sunlight, find a nice warm lampshade and create some soothing mood lighting to your liking. Keep it soothing but remember to have a little white light too. Warm yellow light isn’t good for the eyes whilst reading.

#5 Add Some Greenery

Photo by Vadim L on Unsplash

Don’t we all feel refreshed after a stroll in the garden? Doesn’t it feel so magical? If you have a balcony, it wouldn’t hurt you to add a few plants right? In fact, it’s so beneficial! Chose plants according to your liking! Either the flower ones or the leafy ones! It’s up to you! In case you don’t have a balcony, you can add a few indoor plants like money plant, bamboo, fiddle leaf fig etc!

#6 Just add a little magic

Pic by Saanvi Jarmal

Scented candles lift your mood in a few seconds! I have two candles in my room from the Guild House. I love these scents soo much! I have one called
Spring Meadows and the other one is Tropical Escapes. They are 10 years old and believe me the scent has still not gone! At least that’s what my mother says because I was 4 that time:) But anyways, great candles! Get your hands on some too! Bath and Body Works is a great option too! Candles soothe your mind and soul with their aromatic scents! I light my ones up in the evening and early in the morning! It’s like magic!

I hope you liked reading this article! Always remember that if our space is a mess so are we! Tell me in the comments below the answer to this riddle.

You enter a dark room and you have only one matchstick. There is a fireplace, an oil lamp and a stove. What do you light first?





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