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How To Really Stretch The College Student Budget!

money saving tips
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Quick Tips on How to make the most of the college student budget:

  • Limit the fun outside such as going outside for eating
  • Do not waste money on snacks
  • Do not purchase without the need
  • Rent or buy used textbooks
  • Sell your last semester books back. This can be done in places such as the Facebook marketplace.
  • Use public transport and prefer to walk
  • Ride a bike or cycle to avoid fuel expenses
  • Avoid using credit cards
  • Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees
  • Cut out the vices
  • Avoid doing unnecessary phone calls
  • Prefer to share living to save your money
  • Shop where they offer a student discount
  • Use your student card for conveyance and other services

Make a budget:

Track your progress:

Use 50% of your income for your needs:

Set your goal:

how to save money
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Financially educate yourself:

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