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How to Sell Information if Everything Is Available for Free on the Internet?

Kick-Ass Advice for Creators to Start Making Money With Free Information

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

If you’d like to sell information online (like online courses), then this may be the most important message you’ll read today.

We live in an information bonanza. Information is everywhere. And for free.

The probability of your online course’s information not being available for free is zilch.

You can learn more online for free than in a $75,000 MBA.

So why would people exchange their hard-earned money to buy something from you they can find for free?

Something that holds back many creators who want to build their online business and sell online courses is that they can’t justify selling information.

This is nothing else than a byproduct of imposter syndrome. And let me tell you why.

Stop Thinking That People Pay for the Information Itself

No, seriously, they don’t.

If people were just looking for information, we would all be rich with six-packs. The truth is that most people live from paycheck to paycheck and are obese.

So what are people really paying for?
Humans are lazy larva’. They want everything, and they want it now.

Truth is that with the information abundance comes another issue: filtering through it. Most people prefer to outsource their thinking to somebody else who knows their field.

This is why I go to a mechanic to fix my car, even though I could probably find the problem by myself. While this could take me a few hours, it could also take me a few months.

You see, people pay you for the duration, the time they save, and for the information being up-to-date.

They pay you for the shortcut. Not for the information itself.

Please re-read this sentence again.

Thinking that you’re selling bare information is stupid. You sell a solution to a problem. And the more time and cost-effective you can make it for them, the better chances you’ll have to succeed.

If I have a breakdown with my car in the desert, the last thing I would think about is opening Wikipedia to search for a solution. I’ll probably die from dehydration before fixing it.

The easiest mental hack to start making money from “free information.”

Okay, let’s assume you have a severe imposter syndrome manifestation. Everything that I’ve mentioned previously didn’t help. There is still some hope to cash in from free information.

Here it is: The easiest trick to start charging for your information is to provide your attention.

You don’t want to sell courses because you think that all information is for free online? Good. Start coaching. Start charging for your undivided attention and time.

Why do people pay for a fitness coach if you can find all possible and imaginable workouts for free?


They want someone who kicks their butt. They want someone who cares about them doing the work. They want to be held accountable.

We all have problems. In various fields. For some is finding their dream partner. For others, it’s making money. And so on.

Our subconscious knows that there is a solution out there. After all, other humans have probably already done what we’re trying to achieve.

It can go even crazier: We may even know the solution to the problems that keep us away at night. I doubt that there is any obese who doesn’t know that he needs to eat less, better, and do more exercise to lose weight.

But when it comes to taking action, it ain’t that easy.

This is where you, as a coach, jump in.

See, you pay a coach to help you walk through the struggles. Having someone to talk to. Someone who’s here to hold you accountable. But you still pay a coach or buy a personalized training program.

So what are you waiting for?



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