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How To Start A Fitness Program Without Any Initial Cost

Step by step guide to building your first million

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Ever wanted to start a business without any initial cost? You could. Anyone could, as long as they have expertise in any area they wish to start upon. Back in the high school days as a vivid rock climber, I gained enormous interest in fitness and pilates. Researching the different ways of training one’s body and experimenting with each technique to test its effectiveness had become a favourite pastime. You would know that you have succeeded when people started approaching you to shed some light on your workout routine. As a rule of thumb, never attempt to start a business for the sake of money. Start a business for the sake to share knowledge and help others. Do not attempt to start a fitness program and do not convey your intention to recruit any students. So how do you share your workout routine without starting a class? There are a few ways to go about doing it without initial monetary gains —

  1. Invite them to join/watch you when you do your daily workout either at the convenience of your home or any public outdoor areas
  2. Or otherwise, record your daily workout routine and upload it online. Either through Youtube or host your website
  3. Gain more followers and fans of your workout routine. The more people you have helped with your workout routine, the more words of mouth will spread and eventually more potential students will show up seeking your coaching
  4. When you have successfully built a community enough for a business to strive, start offering a little more than your current workout routine and encourage them to join the new fitness programme which you have designed with the students’ wellness in consideration for a small amount of fee
  5. You can either offer it online or in person.

The main purpose of these fitness programmes is not for monetary gains and this should always be enforced. Students want to feel that they joined this community knowing that they can focus on a community that helps each other in self-improvement and self-images of themselves.

Marketing & Promotion

Social Media

Start a Youtube or Instagram account purely to share your passion for keeping fit and also to help others achieve their ideal physique without any strings attached. Be an inspiration to others, never try to conceal your real self. What would attract others are authenticity, sincerity, a positive aura and some generosity. It would be perfect if complemented with a sense of humour.


Create a professional website introducing yourself and your background briefly. List out your fitness programmes in the catalogue grids. You could easily find free templates or hire a web designer to reinvent your website for a more professional touch.

Websites to search for freelance web designers —



Offer free trial programmes and subscriptions to your newsletters. One website which you would want to look into is — Substack ( and likewise, you could write on Medium ( One side note to be considered is the customer service of your newfound business. What turned customers off are often a troublesome payment system and poor customer service. Integrate a smooth payment system and exceptional customer service that are both hassles free and put the customers' minds at ease for placing their trust in you to provide solutions. In some cases, you might want to provide a valid phone number, working office hours, live chat integration (For example, LiveChat ( and professional email address for customers to contact you or any person if any problems shall arise and needed to be resolved.

Unique Programmes

Implement fitness programmes that are flexible and unique. For example —

  • Family orientated fitness programmes (With kids/spouses/babies)
  • Flexible programmes for the busy bees (One-time payment for 10 classes and attend at any available time slots or subscribe and show up whenever time allows)
  • Pay-as-you-go (Allow students to book for any time slots on your website and pay for each class, instead of paying for a set of classes)


Carve out meticulous marketing emails to schools, healthcare centres and old folks' home to seek collaboration on whether they would like you to host programmes at their premises for a discounted fee/volunteer, or you could invite/welcome them over to your premise.

Covid-19 Pandemic

We all know that times have been difficult during the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Despite this difficult time, our lives do not have to be put on hold. Make full use of your time but make sure that you protect the health of your students as much as you could and as meticulous as you ever can. Every hygiene rules must be conformed strictly. Invest in an effective, proven air ventilation system in your premises. Provide self-disinfecting nanocoatings/anti-microbial surface coating on surfaces as much as you can afford to. Ensure that students have their facial masks on at all times except during meal times. Premises must be disinfected thoroughly every day and hand sanitisers should be provided for students to use freely.

Parents must be able to trust that their children will be safe at your premises too. With extra efforts, we can all stay safe amidst the pandemic.

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