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How To Start Business With No Money

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Here I'm going to explain how to start a business with 0 investment but here if you don’t invest money, But you are investing your time so be confident by your self. Here I have seen most people have lost their money in business and some people will be cheated.

Before your investing some money or going to learn in institute how to start a business you must have to be confident on your self and try to learn many things that how to start a business don’t try to show your huge amount of money to start a business.

Actual if you want to do something please I request everyone to save your money and time these 2 things are very important in your life.

When you are going to start a business you must have to think about the problem you are going to face their,

First, you have to find all problem in your daily life, know you have to think about how you are going to find out. Just simple be relax check whats happening in your home. if you are doing construction how they are working what mistake they are doing if your pay some money to a small pest-control what will he do he will come 1 or 2 times then he will go for 1 year if you again after 1 year you must have to pay again money this type of small things you can find in your daily life if they are working how they are working just have a look if there is the problem so they work for more house then the problem is with everyone but different simple your will get an idea.

know you have to do is if the pest control is coming to your house and telling you that 5000rs for one year. Then you check if in this 5000rs you can purchase the kit and find the best medicine and try to do from your house if you have seen that you got results, to do it for your society make a small pamphlet, and start your business. that is more simple then starting a business.

If you learn how to do well then you can increase your business and as well you can join with you someone for help here you are giving them employment and you become a businessman. it's more simple

I have seen in online many people they lost their money, For a start, they business and some people ask in online I have money but need help how to start, so please stop asking others and find your solution from yourself and in your daily life.

Thanks for reading.

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