How To Stay Fit & Active?

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4 min readJan 16, 2021


The first step is the beauty of our body from inside and our side fit.

Many people tried yoga and meditation but it's extremely boring.

If you're trying yoga & meditation with friends and colleagues then it will be more joyful, but here sometime will happen your friend will tell you that their mood is not good then you get tired too, and apart from this do you know how to fit your body from inside.

The main thing you have to constrain on your food what you are having in your daily life, some food you are having that you make tired and sleepy and some food you are having automatic they will boost your energy to be active

So here we have to do is maintain our diet 90% of the nutrition and 10% of exercise, most countries people I have seen they don’t have knowledge about proper nutrition knowledge, they don’t even know what your body needs what not all thing they will this is totally wrong.

This is my self-experience that my brother is staying in the USA he told me that many countries people have well education but they don’t have knowledge about nutrition and in the USA if they have less education but they have nutrition knowledge also that's really sound’s good.

Some people do not achieve their goals but their stomachs will achieve all the fatty goals.

If some people want to get married suddenly they start the diet or running for 3 to 6 months this is totally wrong they are doing toucher and if your toucher for something one day you get tired and again you will be on the same stage if your body needs 1600 calories and by dieting suddenly you are coming on 1000 calories what will happen at that time slowly your energy will be reduced and your inside parts will start damaging this is wrong for you your body and for your love ones.

Here I'm going to explain some nutrition knowledge, I'm no doctor, not a nutrition expert. Here how I become my self fit I'm sharing my experience with you all.

Here we have to know is nutrition correct knowledge, what is mention in nutrition if you are having something that must have to know how much carbohydrate-protein and fat is mention. Fat is also important in your body with fat your getting a glow on your skin with protein only your getting muscles, so we have to know that what is fat and what is protein and fat is also important for your body, fat is important for your skin.

The main thing is good that they are available Body mass index (BMI) test here you will get to know your full body muscles percentage & fat percentage this is the best test for your health before your start anything for your body.

So here our target is we have to increase muscles and reduce fat then you will get your brain active and energy for your body.

Now will start from the morning what I will do daily.

First, in the morning, you have to do Is take 1 glass of boiled water and add half lemon honey and have it here your body get activated. here is one thing if you search online you will find many benefits and side effects of this. but you have to check which is good for your body.

second, we have to eat 1 fruit that is banana because our body metabolism down in the morning if you eat 1 banana you will get instant energy. If you need you can take some nuts which are souk in water like an almond cashew nut it will help your mind to get active.

And one thing you no need to get tens for food you must have to eat for every 3 hours something that your body get nutrition like any juice or nuts, not have heavy food to get your body tired.

You can make some routine after had banana and nuts, walk in a park and do some activities which you like for example you can do some breath in breath out you can look people by relaxing mind do some pushups anything which is easy to your daily exercise for 15 minutes.

After this walk, you will get back to your home and sit cam down and look at what happens in your life for 10 to 15 minutes because we know what happens outside through newspaper social media but even we don’t know what happens in our life so just be relax and check what happens by your self.

Then go to breakfast have a good breakfast at 9 to 9:30 and heavy breakfast like oats or born bread with peanut butter you have to make your self with good nutrients.

After that near to 12 pm if your going to the office take 1 apple along with you because our body needs fiber apple provides fiber.

At lunch we take at 2 pm and at lunch, you have to take mixed veg 2 chapati like not heavy but normal food then at 5 pm you have to take some walnut near to 5 to 6 pcs nuts.

Dinner you have to take around 7 pm it will be more good for your health and in dinner, you have to take lite food not heavy. Breakfast we have to eat like a king and dinner like a beggar if you want to eat more at 9 near to 10 pm you can drink some milk without sugar it will give your mind relax to sleep well. Milk provides slow protine to your body; it’s extremely good for your health.

Must you have to drink water in a day 7 to 8 glass?

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