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How to Use ChatGPT for Link Building? 10 Techniques

ChatGPT’s link-building hacks: The ultimate guide to building high-quality links

Source: Google

Group 1. For Research and Creating Link Building Strategy

Technique 1: Create the best link-building strategy for [topic]

Technique 2: The best link-building opportunities for [topic]

Technique 3: How to get trust backlinks for [topic]

Group 2: For Outreach

Technique 4: Create a list of personal blogs (give me a table with links) of bloggers in [topic] niche

Technique 5: Find a list of potential guest blogging opportunities for [topic] (create table with links)

Technique 6: Write 3 variants of the first outreach letter for [topic]

Technique 7: Create a funny short follow-up letter if we don’t get a response

Group 3: For Crowd Marketing

Technique 8: Find forums for [topic] discussions (create a table with links)

Technique 9: Create a table with links to QA sites for [topic]

Technique 10: Write an answer to the question [topic]. Just main points



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