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How to use the most powerful pocket powerhouse!

you are carrying one of the most powerful tools of all time, use it.

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Your phone is not just a phone, Believe me it is the first and foremost tool for your journey as a content maker.

You can spend hours and hours on your phone watching — YouTube, Netflix, and Browsing, or you can use the most powerful tool and start creating — your first blog, your idea or story, your click on Insta, your first YouTube video, etc.

Here is the list of Apps that assist me in my journey of being a content maker:

  1. Write: Note-taking
  2. Act: Task Manager
  3. Communicate: Email
  4. Plan: Calendar
  5. Read: Blog or Books
  6. Capture: Photo


Craft. do

We are living in the age of information overflow and it is most likely to miss the most important idea/thought or things while processing everyday information.

Any app of your choice should support here: My choice is Craft. do

This is not the app — I use it to jot down my blog ideas, yes that’s true. I use Craft for all my note-taking needs on the go except my blog ideas. All the piece of meeting notes, daily notes, strategic ideas, etc. lives inside Craft.

One of the best, simple to use, and natively designed apps for note-taking, once you start using it on your phone it’s really impossible to go back.

Don’t miss any idea or thought — Capture it first, build later.

Here is my detailed blog on Craft:

Task Manager

Things 3

Is it possible to pass a day without thinking about — things to do, commitments, or priorities?

A dedicated task manager on the phone is really become a must nowadays. It helps us in looking at our day at a glance and gives us a reason to ACT.

You can use it first thing in the morning — to glance thru your day and keep listing out important to-do for all the important areas of your life — be it personal, family, finance, passion, or work.

For me thing 3 is not only my Task Manager but also plays a vital role in note-taking, as I put my blog ideas inside An Area — Writing, Project — Medium with a few details — kind of brief notes.

You can not go wrong with this app, even if you decided.



We communicate a lot and use all the possible tools like a phone call, messages on a variety of platforms, and social media posts but still, the most important and effective tool of communication is your Email.

An email has a proven track record of reaching out to its audience and getting the required attention.

Most of our time on the screen is consumed by drafting or replying to the emails, I am working on reducing my overall time spent scrolling thru Inbox by means of simple tactics: Do, Delegate & Delete.

Most of my email processing has happened on my phone with this simple technique. I avoid drafting a long email (All my detailed email drafting happens inside Craft), Delegate the email to the concerned team (if I am not the directly responsible individual), and delete it if not interested.


Google Calendar

We all have become ‘mobile workers’ and working remotely has its own challenges. This is where your calendar of the phone comes to save you; all your meetings, webinars, and events live here.

Your life is as good as your day, week, and months. Planning your day and week has tremendous value, considering you have captured your important Notes-Task-Email, you are good to go with planning.

Unless and until you consider your tasks, events inside your calendar — it never became the priority of your day.

So plan well — sit with your calendar and have a friendly chat of what you want to accomplish — Today, This week, This Month.


Medium, Kindle & Article of your choice

We not only create but can consume content that empowers us in many ways. I strongly believe in constant learning and ultimately you became what you consume so, choose wisely.

Books played a very important role in my life and I am grateful to all the authors who gave me a deeper insight and understanding of this journey called -Life.

Now when we all are moving constantly — I have developed a habit of quick reading on my phone or iPad. Exclusive apps like Kindle & Medium are always on the main screen to make it convenient to read my favorite topic, blog, or book on the go.

Develop a habit of quick read (10–15 Minutes) and you will notice the positive change it brings.



Words have limitations so does a picture, but a picture or a moment has the power of thousands of words. It connects and conveys with the people more effectively than words.

We are surrounded by thousands of living stories, capture what interests you. Frame the picture in your own words and share it, you will surely find the audience.

No need to enter into the technicalities of Photography but look out for your story and eventually you will find what is ‘yours’.

Make the most out of your phone; Write, Act, Communicate, Plan, Read and Capture.

Thanks for reading.

Keep reading, Keep sharing.




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