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How to use your favorite social network to promote equity and inclusion?

Two simple steps to promote equity and inclusiveness in tech and beyond.

Jair Ribeiro
Feb 13 · 4 min read

During the last years, I’ve been raising my attention on how technology, in particular, AI and Data Science, should be more inclusive, and I’ve been talking a lot with thought leaders in several areas to understand what we could do to change some things that we consider crucial to building equity and inclusiveness in tech.

One of my latest articles was exactly about these concerns in Artificial Intelligence, particularly regarding the gender gap. If you want, you can find the link at the end of this article.

If you, just like me, are trying to motivate women or people of color to get more involved in technology, STEM, AI, and Data Science, consider that you already have a large following of professionals and change-makers, and you are not alone; you have your social network.

I want to share here two simple steps that can help you to use your networks at work — engaging your colleagues, your students, your volunteer group, etc. — but also in family, leveraging it to be a better ally in your goal of promoting diversity, in technology as I do daily, or in any area of your interest.

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Be consistent and coherent with your values.

First, be honestly concerned about animal rights, human rights, minorities, sustainability and overall human relations.

I’ve learned from an influential thought leader in my industry that these concerns are profoundly related to how we can develop genuine human-centric technology and algorithms.

But I would not be surprised that these concerns should be the engine for any social activity in any other field, not only technology.

I’ve learned that every time I post something related to how to raise awareness around inclusiveness and equity on technology on my social media, my social networking contacts lend me the reach of a more comprehensive network. It should work for you too.

You must promote and express consistency and coherency on living those equity and inclusiveness values that you think are important to you, your friends, family, work while gradually influencing everyone in your network. This is a little ant work, but it worths it.

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Develop inclusiveness being inclusive

Another essential aspect to consider is that one of the best ways to empower and support women and people of color on getting better exposure to relevant knowledge and opportunities is to include them in your network. With this, you can have an even better success rate.

Then you can use your social network to share opportunities that could be hard for them to have access to or proactively recommend they attend certain events and initiatives.

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If you consider that you have any privileged network, position, knowledge, or skills, you have a great opportunity to promote social justice and inclusiveness.

We are living in a more and more connected world, and our social network can be a powerful tool to support our efforts to promote social equity, inclusiveness, and tolerance.

One more thing…

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article previously, I’ve been exploring how we can support the development of more inclusive and ethical technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

If you want, you can have a deep dive on this topic, with the following articles:


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