How to Write a Week’s Worth of Tweets In 1–2 Hours

Repeat this every week to grow on Twitter on autopilot



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I’m learning from the best on Twitter.

Eve Arnold has been growing her Twitter account rapidly in recent weeks. From below 500 to over 6000 as we speak. I took her course*.

Here’s what I learned about batch-writing tweets from Eve & other Twitter creators on the rise.

(links marked with an * are affiliate links. I get a commission if you decide to take up a good deal.)

#1 Inspiration

First, you need something to write about. For many, this comes easy. Their heads explode with ideas for shortform content.

Others have it harder. I used to be the latter. But now I have a system for finding inspiration.

I take these steps:

  1. I look at the creators I admire
  2. I find their best tweets & threads
  3. I bookmark them (or save them to Notion)
  4. I collect a good batch of bookmarks over the course of a few days or a week
  5. Then I let the ideas flow

#2 Apply to my situation




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