How To Write Your First Great Article In Less Than 60 Minutes And Start To Build Your Portfolio?

Start to publish a well-written article fast, cheap and easy today. Win momentum as a real writer.

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Why would you write?

What would you write?

How to get started fast and start generating income even from today?

As you understood already, new writers will benefit most from this, saying this to not waste the time of experienced writers.

Follow me and let’s get started. The goal is to have you publish your first post in less than 60 minutes.

A brief introduction

Great to have you with me today.

My name is Sven Vandenberghe, and a whole story which you don’t care..

Thanks for choosing this guide, which will get you on your writing track quickly if you follow my instructions throughout this post.

After writing roughly 180 posts online, I wanted to challenge myself and see If I could help you out.

“I would like to get you to write.”

This got me thinking:

“How to provide value for the reader who wants to starts their writing journey fast and easily?”

I came up with the idea of providing an invitation that gets people to write online and offline. In the mix, I wanted to test for myself if I could provide you with short practical steps throughout this post.

What will you get from this?

1. A starting point for your online writing journey

2. A method of how to get started

3. Your first published post by the end of this post

Without further ado,

Come and follow me through the next short chapters and follow my lead.

Dropping the Bom early and get you started

First things first,



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