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How We Treat Animals Tells A lot

Wake Up And Smell The……

Today I came across some readings that presented what’s called Equine Therapy. It was about mental health therapy for the equestrian animals; aka horses. The website where I had learned about it was a treatment facility for Mental Illness and Addiction. I’m not the biggest expert on horses. Through my years, I have had the occasional interaction, especially as a kid. Petting them a little bit, and once I actually learned how to ride one, and I went on a half hour ride. Though not an expert, I still think I can speak on the fact that Equine Therapy probably has at least, a decent success rate.

My conclusion, and confidence in the positive opinion I have regarding this type of therapy, is based a lot on my own experiences, not necessarily so much with specifically horses. However, I have almost always lived amongst dogs and cats my entire life. So, besides horses, what other animals have therapeutic values. What qualities of theirs make it so?

I have had the privilege of knowing first hand, the beauty and loyalty of dogs. No offense to any humans, who may be loyal, but against a dog, it’s totally unparalleled. They love us, they protect us, they forgive us, and will die for us, all out of love and faith. In their eyes, ourselves and mistakes just never mix.

There’s been times, when people are attacked, and their dogs injure or kill a potentially dangerous attacker/criminal. With the courts coming to summarize that the dog acted out as a normal dog to an owner, and is not a dangerous animal. So, that shows me enough.

Dogs are people animals. They are social beings, and they need a person to love, and protect. Many breeds are born with an instinct of a need, to have a job. They can excel in jobs like bodyguards or best friends.

None of this is possible if a dog is tied up, outside, all day, and night, fenced and chained. If that’s your idea of a dog, then go buy yourself a slug. Don’t shorten a dog’s life, with the infliction of heartache.

Onto cats. Cats are a bit different in certain ways. They are either loved, or hated. I believe those who hate em, fear em. I’m a huge cat whisperer until the end of time. I have experienced similar love, affection, and loyalty from cats, as I have with dogs. Why are there subtle differences present? Sometimes cats seem meaner? Well, they are not meaner than dogs. They’re smarter than dogs in certain ways.

As I said, they do share similarities with dogs. Difference is, dogs are on duty 24/7, while cats sometimes don’t want to be bothered, and will strongly get a message to you when they are off the clock and not to be bothered. Cats also have more intelligence when it comes to eating. Cats eat until they are full. Dogs eat until there’s not even one crumb left.

Nevertheless, cats are quite capable of loving us, and they will show it. Not to mention, how beautiful and amazing a cats look can be.

So, let’s get back to horses. The least of the three animals that I’m familiar with, however any experience I have always had with one has been great. There’s a reason we have a term called workhorse, because horses literally, are one of the hardest working animals out there. They will do hard work for us, and they are versatile in that work capability. They too are known to be sweet, and they too can be some of the most beautiful creatures of God’s creation.

Bottom line if an animal can learn its name consider trusting it.

I realize that I have not presented this in an ultra scientific form. But I don’t need to when I’m working with personal experiences. In all my suffering, it is animals, that are capable to pushing us towards better times, and better health. I’ve experienced animals in home life, and I’ve experienced them for treatment purposes (therapy dogs in hospitals and institutions.) I can say never anything less than positive, with the only sad times being the times, when animals are ready to be put down.

The joy that I do get after they’re passed on, is I believe darn well, that there are pets in heaven. If you suffer or are trying to heal from mental health or addiction issues, consider pet therapy in your future.

-The End



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