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How Your Calendar Can Be Your Center of Personal Productivity?

The calendar should be your place where all your events, tasks, and notes GO.

Image courtesy @Manasvita S on Unsplash

While it’s almost a couple of good months now, reading and learning about personal productivity. One of the primary understanding and experiences from this time is the importance of our Calendar.

Time is the most important and expensive factor of our success or an experience.

I had learned this fact, the hard way by spending time on little or not so important tasks which fulfill our emotional needs but do not support our plans in any concrete way.

Decided to use my time wisely by using Calendar as the CENTER of my productive day.


  • Plan only your week ahead and the best possible time is the evening of your last weekday. I am planning to do this every Friday at 04:00
  • Set up a weekly review system
  • Add your meetings, events, and important tasks with more than 30 Minutes requirements only in your calendar.
  • No more than 3 tasks in a day – Be specific and clear about what goes in your calendar
  • Block 50 Minutes for Emails (2 slots of 25 Minutes) for each WFH day
  • Keep at least 1 hour of your day for any urgency or unplanned activity
  • Don’t plan too many things at first, give yourself some space for modifications and fine-tuning the system.

Work from your calendar only — your calendar is your first priority

Every week should be a step closer to your plan for the year if not, re-work on your week.

I am looking forward to try this and will post the experience.

Thank you for reading.

Keep reading, keep sharing.




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