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Hunky-Dory Sable Gang Collection; Using NFTs For Good

Hunky-Dory Sable Gang

NFTs are here to stay, and they are fast becoming a buzzword in web3. It is not surprising that many people are still unclear about the benefits of NFTs. These days, it is common to have utilities attached to NFTs. These utilities are in most cases, what attract investors to buy into NFT collections.

Sometimes, utilities in and of themselves can be confusing to the ordinary person. However, there is one organization that is simplifying this process by providing an NFT utility that everyone can easily identify with.

Jojoblarts Foundation is launching the Hunky-Dory Sable Gang collection, in a bid to raise funds for a cause.

Read on to know more.

Hunky-Dory Sable Gang Collection

This is a dedicated collection containing unique hand-drawn digital art items. The Sable Gang collection will be launched on Magic Eden — a Solana-based platform. The collection is unique because it is a 5 in 1 collection of 9999 NFTs.

These are varied, rare, budget-friendly, and easily accessible NFTs.

Most importantly, the sales generated from this collection will be used for various charitable causes. Some of these are:

· Bring food to children in local communities around the world.

· Support education of women and girls in underdeveloped communities.

· Help provide shelter and healthcare to unprivileged kids.

· Support children’s healthcare research.

· Support Ukraine in this time of crisis.

Objective Of Hunky-Dory Sable Gang collection

Now, more than ever before, there is a growing need to provide safe, affordable housing, and education to children in underprivileged communities. Blockchain technology can help support this cause by reaching more people. This technology is unique in that not only will investors be supporting a good cause, but they also stand to make money in the process through the sale of their NFTs.

All NFTs in this collection may be resold for profit, as the price is expected to rise very quickly in the secondary market. For this reason, the team behind the collection pegged the initial presale price at 0.33 SOL. The low entry price of NFTs in this collection means that they are easily affordable and can be quickly flipped in the open market.

It is worthy to note that for this NFT drop, there will be no whitelisting. The reason behind this according to the team is to make sure that all hurdles to obtaining their NFTs are reduced. It is common in social media spaces to hear investors bemoan the countless hoops they must jump to get whitelisted. In most cases, only a few manage to get in.

The Hunky-Dory Sable Gang collection is geared towards making sure that investors have low entry barriers when buying their NFTs.

Road Map

  • NFT presale launch will take place on March 31, 2022, at 5:00 PM UTC.
  • In September 2022, a children’s illustrated book, “The Hunky-Dory Sable Gang”, will be released.
  • After release, every NFT holder gets a free copy of this book.
  • The organization has collaborated with Plan International Canada and will give a portion of its sales to deserving kids.
  • Supporting Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is also in the plans of the Sable gang. A decided portion from the proceeds of sales will be allocated to this foundation.
  • A portion of the sales of the NFTs will be donated towards supporting Ukrainian relief efforts.
  • There will be Art scholarships of $500 (CAD) awarded to 10 recipients upon sellout of the collection.


Pre-sale will start on March 31, 2022. One big thing is that the pre-sale cost of an NFT is only 0.33 SOL. Public sales will follow soon after.

Launch Date

The NFT drop is expected to be in April. The exact date will be announced soon. Be a part of positive change and support the Hunky-Dory Sable Gang collection. All questions about this project may be directed at the team.

More information and team contact can be found at the jojoblarts website.



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