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Hymnus Invictus

For the brave who press on, the golden-scarred warriors.

Digital abstract black-and-gold piece by Ahmed Ayoub (© 2022).

Nights spent dreaming an end,

A quiet departure to planes beyond,
hugged by winds,
kissed by sun,
clothed in shade and grass,
a weary traveler, admiring stillness,
an apathy of tranquility,

Only to awaken in the morning,
ignited inferno,
about-face to my reflection,
implosion of the monotony and a prison break

Hollowness begets the desire for
disappearance, a cowardly way out,
And I will not be a slave to cowardice,
For I have braved a monumental Jihad unspoken,
Warring within myself and
against the world many times over –
yet remaining here is yet proof…

With a bravado as grand as the cosmos,
I transcend my amplified agony and invert it into
Radiant illumination,
Armored warrior scarred with gold,
The quintessence of brilliance,
Heart ablaze with love and justice,
An epiphany of inner power,
A fresh breath of life,
Newfound strength, and roots to grow,
A roaring aurora of radiance!

We break to rebuild,
It’s a spiritual metamorphosis,
A rite of panacea,
Through the strength of our timelessly liminal bond,
I lend you these words,
My truth, to nurture yours,
And find the breath to shout with pride,

I live.
I persevere!
I rise through the divine!!
I am






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