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I AM MOTHER: War without War

Key takeaways from the movie without spoil

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I AM MOTHER; I saw this movie a couple of days ago. I was quite surprised that AI movies will be sexier by dramatic. The movie theme can be predictable about aliens; however, the film leaves some point to me.


1.1 Human Touch

The human touch is one thing that is human being nature. We hug, talk, smile, wonder, etc. We have feelings, many and sophisticated feeling. When we need nobody but we still need friends or family somehow. This feeling is a human being. We live in a vast family called “population.”


1.2 Relationships

When two or more things connect, we called relationships. No matter what things are, we are all bonded because of somethings. When we bonded, no doubt. If we doubted, no bond. Even if the situation becomes worse when heard gross zip news about the person we know well. We try to check our deep feeling inside, how we feel about them both of the speaker and the third party.


2. Decision Making

Fogg Model can explain a concept well. People will do things easier when it is easy and vise versa. A heroine can decide immediately and quickly in case of an emergency because she has skills (she learned from robotic school) and tools (invented by robotic school). No talent and no means, you are in a hard time.


3. Hope

A story can expand as an epic movie; moreover, many points still do not clarify yet, maybe part two and so on. In the worst, there is always the best thing. The machine is not always harmful. It can be beneficial to farm, hospitality, security, etc. Magic tools are hope. Luckily a little heroine uses it creatively.

In conclusion, there are three things which are human touch and relationships, decision making, and hope. I love the point behind thoughts and actions in terms of family drama. It beyond the real war but inside the war. Interestingly, we dramatize with a female robot. The movies also expressed the darkest and the best of the world by humans.

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