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I Found My First Client on Upwork

A platform where clients and freelancers meet

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Ever since I first heard about freelancing, I have always thought of giving it a try. I have heard how top freelancers are making a full-time income on Upwork. If freelancing can replace your 9–5 job, why not give it a try?

With the same thought, I joined Upwork in January.

Mind you, I haven’t joined any company ever since I graduated. But I did work as a content writer intern for a company for six months. That’s the first time I ever learned about freelancing.

After signing up for Upwork, I started looking for suitable projects where I could bid. Surprisingly, a client replied to me within half an hour of my first bidding. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the message at the time. When I did, I replied, but no response came back. She might have hired someone. I missed the chance.

I tried for other projects but with no luck. No response came from their side.

To improve my chances, apart from writing, I also started bidding for graphic designing and SEO strategist projects. But I got nothing.

After a week, I stopped bidding on Upwork. I thought it’s better to do some research and learn about effective bidding. I didn’t try bidding again until February.

I read several articles on freelancing and success here on Medium. Driven by emotion, I again thought of giving it a try. But this time, I made up my mind to bid daily no matter what.

Finally, I got a response from two clients.

The first client told me to show some writing samples. I don’t why, but I asked him to check my Medium profile and that’s where I lost him. He said ok, and that was the last I ever heard of him.

The second client told me to write a 600-word sample, which I did. With some improvements required in my article, he said he is ready to work with me, provided I have to take care of this seriously, and handed me the job.

We agreed to $11 per 1000-word article for which payments will be made weekly. I know the rate isn’t too great, but hey! It is my first project. Once I gain enough exposure to the freelancing world, I can increase my price as per my need. After all, experience matters more than money in the beginning.

I am hoping to make around $400–$500 a month. It’ll be enough to take care of my belongings for now. Once I achieve that target, I will bid for more. Let’s see how it goes.

You may ask why I didn’t try Freelancer. I did sign up for Freelancer but had no luck with it. I don’t like it too as it has a little weird UI and the bids are too low. I will consider it later once I have some success with Upwork.

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