I got into Journey by Mediavine!

Here’s how it’s going…

Jenn Leach



A few weeks ago I got onboarded to Journey by Mediavine! This is Mediavine’s new program that accepts publishers getting at least 10,000 sessions per month on their website.

I signed up to it months ago and finally made it in!

Here’s what it’s like…

I’m making passive income with ads!

Journey by Mediavine

The onboarding process took about 15 minutes.

It was super easy and now I have ads on my blog, Millennial Nextdoor.

I’ve made about $55 bucks so far, across a few days.

And, it’s passive income!

I haven’t even published a new blog post in several days and I’m still earning on my traffic.

It’s amazing!

I have tried all kinds of different ad networks over the years, from Google Adsense to Ezoic and others. I’ve even been in Mediavine in the past, on other blogs.

I’m so glad to be adding this new income stream.