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I Got My First Paycheck From Medium

On the road to financial freedom

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I needed the extra money but I didn’t expect it to be so smooth.

I joined Medium a few months ago with the intent to just write because I wanted to build my skill. Then, I found out about the Medium Partner Program.

I get to build my writing skills and make money while doing that? Jackpot!

So I decided to start writing to develop a habit.

I decided to put out content every week and so far, it’s been going well. But if you are familiar with how Medium works you’ll know that’s not enough if you want to make real money.

But I try not to overwhelm or wear myself out because, as a new writer, it sometimes can feel like that. So I planned to take it one step at a time, but it also feels like an excuse to be lazy and inconsistent.

After planning and going through what I really wanted, I set up a sustainable and realistic goal for myself because that’s the only way to determine growth.

Because I’m not putting out as much content as I should be, I can’t make as much money as I want. But I’m getting there and I am building to fit my already tight schedule.

I find that I genuinely enjoy writing and it feels like I’m communicating with the world. And it’s great to make money from that, but the pressure takes the fun away.

I got my first paycheck from Medium, which happened to be just around £1(one pound) but it is the first time I made a dime from the internet.

What makes this stand out is that it screams potential!

I am a firm believer in following the process of life and understand that things don’t just happen overnight, they take time.

I may not make £5,000 in the next 6 months and that’s fine. But do you know what would have happened in 6 months? I would have built my writing skills enough to take up freelancing jobs and I would be earning a lot higher from Medium if I stay consistent.

That was what I thought of when I saw how much I had made from Medium. I believe if I can make 1, then I can make a thousand.

For the first time, I’m starting to think I can build a career from the internet but let’s see how that goes.

I’ll be back with an update.




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