I Know You Can’t Hear Me But-

A poem on grief and spiralling into deep depression

S.P Sacker


Taken from Bungou to Alchemist: Shinpan no Haguruma, Crunchyroll

I’ll catch you by a thread
As you slip from out my reach,
And hold you by your hair,
When you’re pulled from under me.

I’ll watch you as you try
To scale walls that are so steep.
I’ll see you scrambling in
The well, twenty metres deep.

I’ll take in lengths of rope,
You cling to so desperately.
I’ll meet you on the bus
To the bridge over the street.

I’ll scream out all the words,
Urging you to keep trying.
I’ll catch the drifting words
That fail to reach you as you cry.

I’ll sing you quiet fury
And hopelessness and despair.
I’ll sing loud, happy odes but
They’re just whispers in your ears.

I’ll hold you as you fall,
Through my arms with trembling knees.
And I’ll catch you in your thoughts,
To help you remember me.

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S.P Sacker

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