I love AI, I use AI, but I hate when people publish unedited AI-generated articles on Medium

Make use of AI, but also your brain (because I'm sure you have one). You can trust me, it's a killer combination.

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I love Medium more than my own blog.

This is why I don't want to see low-quality articles on my Medium home page.

Medium is not a dustbin, so please don't make it a low-quality website with unedited AI-generated articles.

Yes, you can write whatever you want. I also write whatever I want on Medium.

Feel free to write your thoughts, feelings, or well-researched articles. You can even use AI to generate drafts and ideas or to enhance your writing, but don't publish unedited AI-generated articles on Medium.

You should try to make your AI-generated draft as original as possible by adding your thoughts and experiences.

I read a lot on Medium, and it's full of high-quality articles and great writers. I created my account initially just to read articles, I used to write only on my blog.

As my confidence grew, I started writing on Medium about topics I couldn't write about on my blog.


AI can only help you improve your writing. You can't become a writer with AI if you don't know how to write. Also, if someone uses AI, you can detect them easily.

You don't need an AI detector to detect an AI-generated article. If you simply read the article, you will be able to detect if it was generated by AI or not.

Detecting AI-generated articles is easy because AI is not capable of understanding human emotions, AI can't feel, so it can't write like a human.

AI is just a technology, just a tool that can help you enhance your writing.

I have no problem with you using AI. I use AI nearly every day. With the help of AI, I wrote some articles, made money, and even received hate. However, I always added my own thoughts and edited those AI-generated drafts to make them original.

AI is here to make our lives easier. I'm an AI enthusiast, and I use AI tools to increase my productivity, and I recommend people use AI.

Make use of AI, but also your brain (because I'm sure you have one). You can trust me, it's a killer combination.

Thanks for reading this article. 💚

If you are a writer or a tech enthusiast, I suggest you try OpenAI, CopyAI, and other AI tools.

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