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I Made $650+ By Flipping Websites on Facebook

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Before, I start explaining what I did, here’s a quick look at how much I earned.

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The Strategy

Firstly, I took as much value as I could from Jenn Leach’s articles on Medium. After that, I made my strategy. I’ll break everything down into small parts so you guys can have a better understanding.

How Much Investment is Needed?

Honestly, I invested around $50–70 for domains and a hosting plan.

Niche Selection:

For the niche, I went with a non-saturated, and easy-to-rank niche. There was almost zero competition and most forum sites were ranking for the main keywords. So that’s an easy pick.


I used SEMrush for Keyword Research and only picked up low competition keywords to get instant results.


I wrote the content myself, and I only got a little help from my AI assistant, Jasper.

My Offer:

The thing is, I offered 10–15 content pieces (with an average of 700 words) along with 40 low competition keyword ideas, thus making a complete action plan for the new owner.

Selling on Facebook:

I created four websites in total, and after 7–10 days, each one of them started gaining traffic. So I decided to sell them out. (One by One).

The Bottom Line:

After my little experiment, I have started new projects to continue this side hustle along with my SEO journey. Also, if you want a complete website from scratch then make sure to contact my team at Jet Lag Media.



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