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I need Coffee Urgently :-(

Image by justin knight from pexel

Here I come, one more rejected case from the Medium Partner program. I am a paid member, but I have been denied payment for the views and readings I have completed.

I joined in February 2022 as a paid member. I managed to get 100 followers in one week. I also started a publication, Freedom Hub Post, for which I have applied for the partner program but have been rejected.

I will now wait for Stripe to open up in some more countries so I can get paid.

In the meantime, I need to have some Ko-FI. I may just choose to survive on coffee for now. I know too much caffeine may be harmful, but I have no choice as I can’t get enough food right now. If you would like to consider some cookies or croissants, they will be great for now.

I am still thinking so much about the partner programme that today I dreamt that the president of the U.S.A., Mr. Biden, was offering me a full coffee shop to own. This made me so happy when I woke up. I told my mum about it and she was so proud of me as she always told me to “DREAM BIG”. This is the first time I’ve dreamt this big. The next target is a dream about Elon Musk gifting an entire coffee company to me… Wow, isn’t that amazing?

You may think I am high on caffeine to say all this, which is true. I hope you remember that I am surviving on coffee right now.

Medium is a really good place to earn as a side hustle and I am looking forward to it. Till then, please support me. It would really be helpful.

There are numerous other locations, such as hub pages, vocal media, and so on. I’d been writing on those sites as well, but the love and support I’ve found on Medium is exceptional. Each and every person and publication here is supportive.I find everyone very helpful.Following and following back is an amazing thing as well. I struggled to get any followers at other places, but here I’ve already got 200 in 2 months. I love the vibes, the knowledge, and the creativity here. Hats off to each one of you on medium. I love you all.

For the time being, I’ll say goodbye and invite you to join my publication Freedom hub





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