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I Noticed That My Pieces Don’t Have Happy Endings.

Self Reflective Piece

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I don’t know..

One day, I reviewed the titles of my pieces, and realized that none of them have happy endings.

I now ask myself: What does a happy ending look like?

Aren’t endings suppose to just be that? The “end”?

As life continues beyond that point, it isn’t an official ending to all, but just that moment or series of moments

As this is the case, there are plenty of things that are present or could eventually be present to ruin those moments where two or more people come together in the name of “Love”..

whether that Love be romantic or platonic makes no difference.

I haven’t had the best luck with Love myself

I’d shared beautiful memories with people as well as words, and acts, art..

I’d stuck my head out to ensure that my partners knew that they were cared for and appreciated.

I’d sacrificed myself and put Love first because “real Love would not leave you hanging”.

I certainly have plenty that Love me solely because of the man that I’d built myself to become

This was done in order to properly give and receive the greatest Love that we can imagine, along with the fact that I have always cared deeply for others

As a child, I subtly watched as my mother struggled with Love, or not necessarily with Love but in the pursuit of Love..

as a result, I vowed to become who I am, so that I can provide someone with the Love that my mother searched for, as I recognized how cold and neglectful the world can be

Nowadays, as we continue in our pursuit of Love, we traumatize ourselves due to our experiences with others’ inability to provide the Love that we need

due to their traumatic childhood, often a result of their parents failing to meet their needs, which results in those individuals most likely continuing the cycle by neglecting their children

without healing, these children go into relationships to Love in the only way they know how.

I share the piece above to expound a little on a common method that many resort to in order to deal with conflict and/or heartbreak in a way that devalues those around us.

To heal, we must be vulnerable with ourselves, so that we can explore our emotions and coping mechanisms, and what caused us to further develop those things.

A constant state of self reflection is necessary to destroy the limitations that have been placed around Love, so that we can give and receive this feeling in its purest form, though it will still be different from the way others experience this.

Learning and understanding each other or the desire to do so will remedy any conflict or confusion that we experience with others, though this takes us down another rabbit hole.

I’ve shared a little of my story, thoughts, and explored the topic of why happy endings are rare in my pieces.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts and feelings, and also check out my other content that I’ve shared with the world.

I hope that your days have been well, and that you’re continuously surrounding yourself with those that genuinely Love and value you.




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Shawn Newsome. | My stories are a combination of my life’s experiences, the experiences of others, and the things that come to mind.