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I Saw A Women Who’s Eyes Were Bleeding In Love

Expectations hurt more than love do


I always looked at the sky on the nights of cold winters, hoping to find something indifferent.

Every day just felt like yesterday and every yesterday was another today with no such answers to the questions that have constantly roamed around in my head.

Why things were the way they were? Why were people not happy with their life? Why are people never happy in general? Why does love hurt you when it is supposed to be the most beautiful feeling in the world?

So many whys but no answers.

I try to keep everyone happy, but sometimes that means not being happy myself!

I was sitting with my thoughts haunting me as I saw a woman walk by the footpath with her right hand in her coat and face downwards looking at her left hand.

She was looking at her ring, and then I saw her take it off slowly and hold it in her hand tightly, trying not to cry, but she failed.

Did I witness another crime? The crime of being left. The crime of breaking someone into pieces. The crime of making someone feel worthless.

Why? Why does it have to hurt always? Why do people that don’t do the wrong get to face it while the other walks past like they didn’t just break the most fragile thing in the world, the heart?

People tend to forget that not all crimes are concrete.

The biggest crime is shattering a heart into uncountable pieces and walking away without knowing what they have caused.

As I sat by the window, lost in my thoughts figuring out the philosophical nature of love, I figured out something I should’ve done long ago.

It is not the love that hurts and crushes your insides; it is the expectation you put on others.

When the woman cried, she constantly told herself that she hated him, but was it true? Was she suddenly hating someone she promised to love all her life?

No! It was the expectations she had from them that hurt her. She might have realized the true nature of the world, provisions.



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