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I showed it to people and they liked me more


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Data abstraction —

the process of representing essential features without including the background details.

It is a concept in Object Oriented Programming which means you only show the important details and not the background details.

It means you only show the pretty stuff but not the painstaking work you do to make it pretty.

People always tend to focus on essential things, on the goal,
they forget how much effort they have put in,
and they forget to pat themselves on the back for all the work they put in.

When someone sees the pretty things you have done, they are quick to judge.

They are quick to tell how it could have been better, and how things can be made better.

But is it really essential to be better?

Data abstraction is the process of representing the essential details, without showing the background ones, but do we have to hide our struggles just because it isn’t essential and pretty?

Struggles show that you are human, don’t hide em.

Show ’em like you would show a new tattoo.

People might judge you, for the tattoo and the struggles, but they might respect you for having the courage to say it and getting a tattoo as well.

I live for that might, for that respect, that might give me a boner.

I’m joking, or am I?

End with perverted joke → ✅
Be hilarious AF→ ✅

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