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I Started A Podcast At Age 13

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It was just a normal day. I was scrolling through Twitter.

A sudden thought of starting a podcast came to my mind, I was uncertain. I didn’t know where to get started.

So, the first thing I did was tweet about this.

No, I’m not a random teenager posting cringe motivational quotes on Social Media.

Actually, I never even downloaded Twitter, but only this year for my content creation journey.

I tweeted to ask people, “What do they think about a non-native speaker hosting a podcast?”

The responses I got were unexpectedly very positive. Then, one of my Medium friends asked me if I’m going to start a podcast.

I don’t know what came to my mind, but I said yes.

I wanted to start a podcast for a long time, but I had imposter syndrome.

My English is not that fluent, I also have some pronunciation issues when it comes to speaking English.

And talking to a foreigner, especially one who speaks English, is very prestigious to Indians.

I’ve been brought up in a way to think anyone who speaks English is greater than me. He/She should be the next president of India.

Another way to say this would be that anyone who doesn't speak English is inferior.

But anyways, this article isn’t a critique of Indian culture.

So, where I was?

Yeah, I said yes to her.

Then, she asked me more about it. I told her everything that I had in my mind for a long time about my dream podcast.

Then, we finally planned things out. She helped me be committed to the idea of starting my podcast.

If it wasn’t for her, I would never even dare to invite someone to our podcast.

You might wonder who she is. She is none other than my best friend Claudia Stellnir.

We got to know each other through Medium. But I hadn’t expected this to be turning out into something that it is now.

I found her through a comment on one of my posts.

After a few months, her posts started to appear on my Medium feed.

Then when I got on Twitter, I found that she knew is an expert on Twitter or maybe becoming one.

We followed each other on Twitter. Her posts about writing and content creation help me gain a new perspective every day.

She is unbelievably admirable.

She brought our first guest to our podcast, Jay Yang.

She pitched him for the interview. He agreed.

Then, she interviewed him.

I edited the video with Canva and uploaded it. (Tutorial coming soon)

We decided to share weeks. So, one week her interview will be uploaded, and next week mine.

The first week was her turn, the second mine.

She gave her best. And made me even more nervous, I’m stunned by her.

Take a look at this video —

Can you see how frankly and with the presence of mind she conducted the interview?

She is also a 13-year-old teenager like me. She is truly special.

And the guest we interviewed was also 16.

It was a children’s party I would say. But we shared important lessons we learned to this day.

This was an experience worth having.

I’m very happy that for the first time in my life I finally held up to what I said.

Thank you, Claudia, thank you so much for this. You’re truly the bestest person I ever met on the internet.



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