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I Want to Start a Business But I Have No Money and No Ideas

How To Start a Business If You Lack Money And Ideas

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Here are some online businesses you could start with $0. No money at all.

You can even start one of the businesses I’ll be talking about with your cellphone.

In 2022, there are so many ways to make money online that if you’re broke, it’s simply because you’re lazy.

Business Idea — 01

The first business you can start online with no money is drop Shipping. You can start with $0, literally, and can make millions of dollars. So I definitely recommend that you start Drop Shipping.

If you don’t know what Dropshipping is, it’s an online business where you find products at a wholesale price from wholesale websites like AliExpress.

And then, you build a website and list those products you just found from AliExpress on your website at retail price. And then you advertise your product.

When someone buys that product from your website, you give the wholesale supply from AliExpress their cut and then they’ll go ahead and ship it directly to the customer.

So you don’t need to have your own warehouse or have inventory and none of that.

You can actually start this business with $0.

Business Idea — 02

The next business idea you can start online with $0 no money is a Faceless YouTube channel.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos like the Eight Hour Rain Sound videos with millions and millions of views.

How I use Rain Sounds to fall asleep or read a book is extremely common among humans.

Like the Rain Sound channel, you can start a YouTube Faceless channel in any niche. Relaxation niche, motivation, business fashion, and gossip are all niches that you can get into.

But you have to stick to one, so YouTube knows how to promote your videos and who to show your videos to so you can grow.

So let’s say you want to do the business niche. All you have to do is look up current events on Google.

For example, the recession. You can type that in on Google or Yahoo, and you’ll find loads of articles already written.

After you find an article that you like, you’ll discover copyright-free images from like and download those images.

And the images you find have to match the niche that you’re in. So if you’re talking about the recession in your video, you will discover sad faces, sad people, and those kinds of images.

Then you can use Imovie on your iPhone, or if you don’t have an iPhone, you can use like InShot to go ahead and edit that video.

You will just record a voiceover on Imovie or In Shot reading that article and then just put those copyright-free images on top of the voiceover you just recorded.

Let me know in the comments if you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a faceless YouTube Channel tutorial article.

Business Idea — 03

The next business you can start completely free is Drop Servicing.

What is drop servicing?

It’s pretty much what you make an online website for free; then you list services like, for example, I make business cards. Then you contact your local business owners like barbers, chiropractors, and dentists, and send them your website.

And then when they buy, let’s say, 50 business cards, you find someone like Fiverr to fulfill that service and do all the work because you don’t know how to create business cards.

So, for example, you can find someone on Fiverr that makes business cards for, let’s say, $10.

Then you can charge people on your website 29 99. So when a chiropractor orders 50 business cards for $29.99, you pay the person on five of them to do the work $10. And then you keep $19.99 to yourself.

Let’s say you get about ten clients per day. That’s $200 per day and about six thousand dollars per month with a business where someone else does all the work while you’re sleeping.

Have a nice day. Peace!



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