I wrote an article using OpenAI and received $100 for it

A blog post I wrote in half an hour using AI made me $100 in an hour.

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I was recently approached by a brand to write and publish a sponsored post about their business on my blog, Inuidea.com. In exchange for publishing the post, I’ll receive $100.

They told me to write a blog post about creating a budget, managing debts, and fixing bad credit scores.

I was procrastinating that day (probably due to fatigue), so I came up with a smart solution and did some smart work.

Furthermore, I wanted to write and publish the post as soon as possible without having to do any research.

So I logged into OpenAI and started giving different prompts for different parts of the blog post.

For example,

Write a blog post about creating a budget.

Write a blog post about debt management.

Write a blog post about fixing bad credit scores.

OpenAI prompt and output example. Photo by Inu Etc

These are the prompts I gave. All that was left was to mix those outputs and do some proofreading and editing, and that was it — a perfect blog post about creating a budget, managing debts, and fixing bad credit scores.

Take a look at the post I made with OpenAI:

My intention was not to promote the post on Medium since I think the post is not very valuable. (The purpose of this post was to impress the brand.) However, to make everything transparent, I’ve added a link here.

The lessons I learned after writing a blog post using OpenAI:

To write a long blog post using OpenAI, you need to divide the post into sections, give AI different prompts for each section, and write each section separately. Once everything is mixed together, you’ll have the perfect long blog post.

Aside from that, OpenAI and other AI writing tools might take information from other websites, so it might produce plagiarised content. However, you can make 100% original content by editing and proofreading it.

It is also important to note that we can’t completely depend on AI. As for me, I’ve only used it once to write a complete blog post. However, I use AI a lot to write cold emails.

There is no way AI can replace humans at the moment. Let’s see what the future holds!

Final thoughts

With artificial intelligence, our lives can be made easier.

A blog post I wrote in half an hour using AI made me $100 in an hour. Due to fatigue, I may have rejected the offer made by that brand that day. But because of AI, I decided to accept the offer, and I did a great job with its assistance. I was happy and so was the brand. Thanks to OpenAI. 💚

Thanks for reading this article.

If you are a writer or a tech enthusiast I suggest you try OpenAI, CopyAI, and other AI tools.

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Keep hustling!

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