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The pain of the fool
Crushes one within
Unleashing the unending vacillation
Between vexed predator and vermin prey

Whacked Into play like a ping pong ball
Bouncing up and down endlessly
The Bungee jump of life brings out
All the concealed mental madness

Driven to the cliff of no return
At that point of Pointlessness
I realize that the pain of the fool
Is the particular pain of being fooled.

When I explore the story of being fooled
Oh no! I understand that being fooled
Is a consequence of having been a fool
In that moment of truth arises insight

With intense recognition of the fact
Arises the truth of ignorance
As not the mere absence of information
But as a deistic state of being

Propelled by the force of evolutionary fear
individuating into Bentham’s principle
Of felicific Pleasure and Pain
I had woven a web of glorious delusion

As the Desire for Life
Is distorted by the mechanism of mind,
Choosing for itself
Based on past predisposition

The future repeats itself as the past
Encoding itself within the homeostasis
Of life, which in turn is nailed
Into the recursive net of time

Unable to face the naught within
The modern mind escapes into concepts
Willing into existence the social world
Of idiotic Ideological possession

Thus, awakening in foolishness
I choicelessly dwell in the Socratic paradox
Of that primordial knowledge
Which blissfully knows in not knowing




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