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My Bio For ILLUMINATION: How I Got Here

An Illuminating Success

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Author, Glenn Stok

In addition to this being my bio, it’s also an introduction to ILLUMINATION, a fast-growing publication on the Medium platform.

I’m retired from a professional business career developing automated phone systems with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Since 2009 I’ve been writing educational articles on HubPages, a platform of the Arena Group with over 20 niche sites.

Later, I joined Medium in 2018 with the following two goals for my content.

  1. Continue writing essays that might shed some light on life’s issues readers might be dealing with, and are looking for solutions.
  2. Continue sharing strategies I’ve learned that can help other authors with their writing success.

After writing my first story for Medium, I quickly discovered the unique difference between writing for organic traffic (readers from Google search) and writing for followers that pay for unlimited access to the enormous array of articles on Medium.

It didn’t take long to discover countless niche publications on Medium that I started following, and then signed up as a writer with a few to post my own stories.

Publishing in a niche location is crucial to find the right audience and provide readers with what they want to see. That’s why it’s best to publish in individual publications where common core values can be combined.

That brings me to ILLUMINATION. People have often told me that my articles are very illuminating. When I saw this publication, which was started by Dr Mehmet Yildiz on March 18, 2020, I became curious, wondering if it was the right place for my content.

To get to know it better, I read many articles posted on Illumination. The most significant thing I noticed was the quality of the writing and the expert style of its authors. Another outstanding observation: I saw how Dr. Yildiz put together a team of 27 professional editors.

Illumination’s Core Values

Illumination has a niche, focusing on core values of diversity, synergy, fusion, and serendipity.

Those core values brought the following thought to my mind:

With its variety of subjects (diversity) published in harmony (synergy) among many writers pulling together (fusion), we end up stumbling upon good fortune by a twist of fate (serendipity).

I did not doubt that Illumination was a perfect Medium publication for me to share my thoughts about life’s lessons with readers—to leave something of value behind. So I put in my request to be a writer, and within 24 hours was accepted.

Where to Begin

As I reviewed all the publication’s guidelines, I came across this article by Alison Tennent. She clarified that drafts are not mandatory. Of course, she mentioned that older stories would not get the same attention as newly published drafts since stories are listed by date order. I knew that, but I felt it was worth it.

Now, time to begin. I figured my first submission should be a draft anyway, so I wrote a new story about how rejection proves favorable. I was inspired to write it when I read one of Dr. Yildiz’s articles about rejection. He discusses how “rejection as an energizer,” and I agree.

I was pleased to see how quickly that first submission was published — accepted by editor Ann Venkataraman the next day. After that story was accepted, I submitted two previously written articles that I never put in any publication. I knew they needed a home where they would reach the right readers. Again, they were accepted the following day.

An Illuminating Success

I discovered how Dr. Yildiz has been so successful with getting Illumination to reach over 15,000 followers in such as short time. He always gives full attention to everyone involved.

I don’t know how he finds the time, but he does. He posts daily stories that include a reference to every new author with a link to their latest article.

I saw Twitter listed in my stats as the source of traffic to one of my articles, and when I followed it, I saw it was a tweet by none other than Dr. Yildiz! Thank you!

The editors must be putting in the night shift to get through all the fantastic submissions by over 1700 writers who joined since the publication’s introduction. By the way, Illumination is growing rapidly, undoubtedly due to the unwavering efforts of Dr. Yildiz and his incredible team.

So, you’re probably wondering, is this a bio about me, or a story about Illumination? The fact is, it’s both. My bio wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t given you the background that brought me here, as a writer with Illumination.

I hope you join me with this new Medium publication, and enjoy the ride.




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Glenn Stok

Glenn Stok


Author with a Master’s Degree. I provide writing-tips based on 13 years of online publishing and essays on relationships in my Medium pub.