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I’m Starting My Self-Improvement Journey

And want you to join as well

It has been a long time since I last wrote, a lot of things had been happening in my life. I was pestered by the monotony of my life in current times, my personal and career growth plateaued, even after multiple tries to revamp my life, I failed miserably. I tried a lot of things, first of which were books, starting from productivity books to books on focus and the list continues. But the major factor I was lacking was on the part of accountability. Hence, I am starting this self-improvement series, where I will be reading different self-help books and will experiment its effects on my life. This is an attempt to improve my life as well as helping the audiences reading this in their own journey as well.

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I will update my journey on this platform, with a little glimpse on my progress, the ultimate aim is to make this series of stories a mutual accountability platform. This will enable me to share what I am doing to improve myself and hopefully encourage some others to start their own journeys. I know its very difficult to tackle this mammoth task of improving yourself and the quality of your life. Moreover, I will also be mentioning what habits and techniques I am following and from where they have been derived. This will help you to follow up what I am doing and will probably encourage to read those books or listen to those podcasts too.

Starting up, I am a chemical engineering student and hence, have a lot of things to study, but my habits are pretty bad, especially in the domain of social media and screen time. Hence the first book that I will be experimenting with will be one of the classic self help books, Atomic Habits.

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The peculiar thing about this book, is its simplicity of language and the amount of examples from real-life. I started this book after I discovered its core idea about goal setting, it gives a very different approach of leading your life, the writer encourages you to focus on the systems that will help you in reaching your goal rather than the goal. The book gives a great insight on how to form better habits in an easier fashion, concepts like habit stacking are the ones which intrigued me the most.

Hence, I am starting my journey of habit formation, from today onwards. I am mostly focusing on 2–3 habits right now, and will be attempting to make them an integral part of my life. The first habit would be exercising daily, although I the best exercise for me is daily running, so I will be showing up daily to just run for at least 3 kilometers. The second crucial habit that I will be focusing on will be meditating daily, this habit might not have any direct effect on my life, but in the long term this will definitely compound to my mental ability and peace. The last habit, not like the first two, would be spending less than 30 minutes on social media including YouTube. We all know that social media has become an integral part of our lives, but at the same time its has disconnected us from our own lives, we rarely put off our screens and let our mind wander a bit. We are so consumed by screens that our screen time is often more than the number of hours we sleep.

So, these are the three habits that I will be trying to incorporate in my daily life.
Moreover, I would like you to join me in my journey of self-improvement and make ourselves better day by day.
Do let me know on what habits you will be trying to inculcate in your schedules and which books inspired you the most.



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Manthan Mohite

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