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In the Blink of an Eye Life can Change

We are not in control of anything, we need to learn humility

Reflecting about my life since the inevitable lockdown by Covid 19, I have learned some things I already knew, but I keep forgetting. Staying at home has always been a pleasure for me. When I had a coffee with my friends, even loving it, I got ready a little lazy, then I enjoyed, of course, but when I returned home, what a delight! as my mother used to say. I love my hole.

One thing is certain: the one or what we loose will always be more precious when we find it again than when we had it at hand, before our eyes and our hearts. I liked to stay at home because I liked it, because I wanted to, because I could and now it’s not like that anymore. We know that we must protect ourselves from becoming sick. So, something keeps me from leaving. I’m not completely free as I was before. However, we adapted, we had to. I temporarily dismissed my paid assistant, so she wouldn’t be harmed. My husband and I share the tasks. And let’s go.

It’s impossible not to make reflections. The world is taking new directions. This virus will pass, but others will come, invisible enemies. The damage to the economy will also kill many people, perhaps more than Corona itself. Even if we are optimistic, a thread of fear always runs through our soul. Whether we like it or not, an insecurity that bothers us lingers in the air.

Just before the Pandemic my husband brought some orchids from my stepdaughter’house. I have been looking at the orchids without flowers for many months. I thought to myself: no flower will come out of it. But as life can always change, one day in the beginning of the confinement, one of the orchids gave the appearance of opening its first flowers, at first shy. My joy was so great as if God had given me a gift and it was indeed. Every day I awake and I go to sleep I remember that it was God who gave us the Earth to live, the Moon to admire and the Flowers to cheer us up. I felt like a queen on a glorious day! I created a new soul, again as my mother used to say.

In a few days, the orchid was already in its richest garment, an incredibly beautiful bright yellow. During this confinement, this flower has been teaching me to be patient. Like it, I have a waiting time inside me. We need to learn to see beyond the physical eyes, as saints, poets, and artists do. Wasn’t that Michelangelo saw David and Moses while looking at the marble block? Whenever I am in front of the blank page of the computer, I dare to wonder which poem will come out of me to the screen. So, the flowers were already inside the orchid all this time. Within us there are also treasures of incalculable value with their time to be displayed.

In this lockdown, I realize that it is necessary to be humble and cultivate patience because the life that passes has a lot to teach us. I already knew but I learned again that between morning and afternoon time changes, that life can change in the blink of an eye. I already knew but I learned again that while we are in this life there is no security. A foolish man who thinks he can sleep peacefully now because his barns are full doesn’t know that death will come to get him tonight. He never understood that wealth is not in what he accumulates materially.

Let us not be so careless that we cannot see the beauty in chaos and let us not forget that the spiritual eyes see the beauties still hidden. The orchid taught me to wait, to thank, and to live the moment well, even though it is hard.



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Misa Ferreira de Rezende

I write because the world enchants me, death frightens me and life amazes me. I am a writer. “About me” stories