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Increase Your Ability of Success by Knowing the Wisdom of Life

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Imam Hassan Al-Banna(may GOD have mercy on him) says: do not clash with the laws of the universe, for they are overwhelming, you cannot overcome the laws and cosmic laws, so that every process of real growth and progress must take place in a gradual, step-by-step pattern, as it follows a natural evolutionary sequence that the Holy Quran tells us (Your Lord is God who created the heavens and the earth in six days) every day was important. And everything had a date in which it was created, for the light had its time in which it was created, and the earth, as well as plants, animals until it ended with mankind that this process of gradual evolution is common in every field of life.

When a person is born, he learns how to turn around in his cradle, then how to sit and how to crawl, then how to walk and run, and each of these stages is distinguished by its own importance, and one stage with it cannot be overlooked or skipped, and in school, we first study arithmetic before we study algebra and algebra before calculus, because we cannot understand calculus before we are well aware of algebra, and likewise algebra cannot be studied in arithmetic, and in the field of construction we first build strong foundations before we add anything new or put the final touches.

We are aware of this gradual process and accept it in the fields of material and intellectual life because of the presence of observations that confirm this, but we in the fields of human development and social cooperation usually rely on shortcuts as an alternative to progressive development processes, such as willfulness to interest before priorities and apparent artificial beauty instead of moral beauty and generous morals, And the form without spirit or substance, and pretense without competence, merit, and real ability, but we may pass necessary steps in an attempt to shorten the time and effort, and after that, we hope to reap the desired fruits.

However, this hope is often in vain, because there is no way to shortcuts as long as you strive to develop your skills and talents in hobbies and other things, as well as the matter concerning the development of minds and personalities. There is no way to shortcuts, the completion of any matter of the world must be done in stages. There must be successive growth and development processes, and at each stage of growth, we can apply the concept of Creation, God, the universe in six days.

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

I think that the answer to these questions seems very clear, it is impossible in any case to rise to the level that you want, while you ignore or skip or shorten this process of evolution. This matter violates the laws of nature and cosmic laws themselves, and every attempt from you to shorten this process it’s destiny will be a failure, frustration, and confusion, for if my level is weak in some work and I want to raise my level to become very good, then there must be a matter at every level in which I will be accepted first, then good, then very good and so on. What we claim about skill and sophistication, and to advance in your level, you must acknowledge the truth of your modesty, and reject any way to beautify your level contrary to the truth.

If the students did not allow their teacher to find out the truth of their levels by asking them questions, they would never learn and would not develop, just as the demonstration could not last long, and in the end, the matter had to be revealed. The admission of ignorance is usually the first step in learning.



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Ameretat jig

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