🇬🇧Innovation Intelligence Review #0

AI, Metaverse, Digital Euro, Blockchain, China SOCMINT, Robot, NFT Prices, Digital Rights, AI Bias, AI Playground…

AI 1, annual benchmark from Human-Centred AI, Stanford University

AI 2, example of havoc in South Korean app’s handling of personal data, by Slate

AI 3, still Human-Centered AI, Stanford University, with an interdisciplinary research center on bias anomalies arising from GPT-3 type ‘foundation models’


AI 4, Deepmind’s (Google) virtual playground where agents autonomously learn how to play by being subjected to endless automatically generated stimuli

Blockchain, July trends, from EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum, European Commission

Digital Euro, analysis and viewpoint from European Commission, report from EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum

Interdisciplinary, post-mortem management in the digital age: AI, robots, VR…, by Forbes

NFT, the logic behind incredible prices for incredible bullshits, by Not-Boring

Metaversi, as a business strategy, by Stratechery

Privacy and digital rights, nearly all-encompassing mapping of active and passive surveillance tools, by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

Robot 1, mason robots, because you don’t see any around, by Construction Physics:

Robot 2, parkour exercises by Boston Dynamics’ robots

Social media intelligence, Chinese storytelling and social network propaganda by Centre for Information Resilience

Science, scenarios, how and whether to survive an asteroid like the one that extinguished the dinosaurs, by Wired

The Idiot’s Corner 😡,
the author is also powerful man, of the Italian governing elites. If he had been born in the days of the Inquisition and had to deal with Galileo Galilei we would still be at the center of the universe

(sorry this one only in Italian)


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