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Inside mysterious Dulce ‘UFO base’ where conspiracy theorists claim 60 US troops were lasered by aliens in a secret war

There have been numerous sightings of UFOS in the Dulce area.

Dulce, is a small town with a population of just under 3,000 and is the Jicarilla Apache Reservation tribal headquarters.

But it is also home to what conspiracy theorists say is a huge multi-story base in Archuleta Mesa where humans have teamed up with aliens after first fighting them for decades.

Stories first surfaced about alien activity in the mid-1970s.

One of those was reported by a New Mexico State Trooper Gabriel Valdez who said he saw a UFO before finding a series of disturbing cattle mutilations.

The officer claimed inside one dead cow he found what he claimed to be a hybrid that “looked like a human, a monkey, and a frog”.

Following this, in 1979, it is alleged workers digging a military bunker accidentally discovered aliens living in caves — which triggered a huge battle that killed scores of US troops.

And the conspiracy theorist behind the far-fetched tale even claimed to have had the battle scars to prove it, proudly showing off the missing fingers on his left hand which he claimed had been blasted off by a laser gun.

The late engineer Philip Schneider was working on the construction of a massive underground Cold War base near the town of Dulce.

The self-styled whistle-blower claimed he and his team accidentally discovered an ancient cavern system where “Grey” extraterrestrials had set up a base.

Schneider also said he was confronted by a seven-foot-tall creature, which stunk like burning rubbish, which prompted him to draw his sidearm he happened to be carrying.

Opening fire, he claimed to have killed two before being hit with “some kind of plasma weapon”.

He escaped with his life, although lost several fingers, while the military immediately called in special forces who were based nearby.

A huge battle ensued when US special forces, who had been stationed nearby, arrived on the scene.

Sixty people and numerous “aliens” were said to have perished in the firefight.

Despite his claims, however — there has never been any definitive proof of his statements.

Schneider however would take his story to the grave and would regularly appear at UFO conventions in the 90s when he first “went public”.

He died shortly afterward in 1996 in what was officially deemed a “suicide” — however many of his followers believe he was actually bumped off for blowing the whistle.

The “Greys” are one of the most popular “types” of aliens features in UFO lore — known for their skinny bodies, bulbous eyes, pale skin, and large craniums.

It is these aliens which allegedly crashed during the infamous Roswell incident in 1947.

Schneider later said there is a war under the crust of the Earth and it’s been going on since that time.

Schneider alleged 1,477 underground bases — called Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) — have been set up to conduct the war, across the world costing $17billion each, all funded by a secret Black Budget.

But Schneider said some of the aliens have made peace and have collaborated with earthlings, with the base he helped build containing a lab where horrible experimentations were carried out on humans.

Schneider gave extensive lectures on the topic, spinning a vast web of theories about US government “Black Projects”.

He was found dead in Oregon in 1996 in an apparent suicide, although he had always told his family if he was found dead he never killed himself.

This has led conspiracy theories to question whether he was killed for blowing the whistle.

Another key player in the Dulce base conspiracy theory is a man named Dr. Paul Bennewitz.

He reportedly became convinced State Trooper Valdez's reports of cattle mutilations around the area were the result of extraterrestrial intervention.

He then allegedly began picking up intercepted electronic signals allegedly intercepted electronic signals in Dulce he believed were emanating from deep below the ground.

His claims were published in the infamous tabloid the Weekly World News in 1988 — claiming the aliens were carrying out “genetic experiments on human guinea pigs”.

UFOs have also been sighted for years in the area, with some local people photographing the alleged crafts.

And stories of deep, sprawling underground bases across the US are a popular lynchpin of conspiracy theories — most recently popping up in the wide-ranging mythology of QAnon.

However, none of these claims have even been given concrete evidence and are widely dismissed as false.



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