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Intentions — Part 2

On the flip side, pure intentions can get us into (what looks like) trouble in the short-run. This creates fake-guru quotes like “don’t be too nice” bla bla! But it’s high time we realize that the long-run trumps (why is that word familiar?) the short-term circumstances any day.

Thank you for checking out part 2. It means I haven’t been yapping in vain. Thoughts create feelings and feelings help us manifest faster but check this out.

  1. A person who wants wealth and can vividly imagine and feel what wealth looks like, will manifest wealth.
  2. A person who wants wealth and can vividly imagine and feel what wealth looks like, while having the intention that they will make the world better with their wealth, will not only manifest wealth, but have a richer experience with it.

Here we are looking at the role of intention in the creation process. The ‘nobler’ the intention, the more support we get in creating. The ‘baser’ the intention, well…

The universe does not do good or bad; it just serves us back what we have put out there. The same experience will mean different things to different people because of their intent. This reminds me of my friend Chinwe (not her real name). She found herself entangled in a love triangle with a married man she met at the gym and upon proper investigation, she let me know that she was among those people who frequently imagined ‘hooking up’ at the gym. She had created something from her thoughts and being and now she was complaining that she would never have gotten involved if she knew he was married.

A lawyer friend of mine (senior friend) told me of how he helped a man fight for his plots of land years ago and while the man was unable to pay, he took sympathy and decided to help. As a ‘thank you’ for winning the case, a few plots were given to this lawyer and he forgot about the land on account of them being in a deserted place with zero development. Fast-forward years later, the story was different and the lawyer’s land was worth way more than he could have ever imagined — he said he always had the belief that if you help people with no strings attached (when the opportunity presented itself), God would find a way to reward you.

Set good intentions as you go through your day. Do not do anything on purpose to hurt somebody — intentions will always come back; good or bad.

To end part 2, it is important to know that we are always intending something, and while we have understood how intentions play a role in creation, there is an aspect I would like to bring to your attention. Do you know that other people’s intentions can affect you if you match the frequency of that intention? Have you ever heard how a person missed work on the day people were chosen for an all-expense-paid trip? or the person who got stuck in traffic not knowing they have escaped an unfortunate event at the place they were to be at?

Life is mathematical, and intentions are one of the formulas whereby we solve its mysteries — See you in Part 3.




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