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Into The System

When they tell you that your life is written for you… they are right, but not in the way you would naturally understand it.

Let’s go back 30, 40, or even 50 years, at a time when, as an infant, you would smile at the silly faces your Mom would make and laugh at the non-masculine sounds your dad would let out when looking at you. Ahh, the age of innocence and freedom…

…until you reach 5 years old.

Wait a second, did I qualify a child below 5 years old as “free”? That’s a weird statement considering his lack of mental, physical, and financial independence. And why the number 5 ? why not 18, 21, or 60 for that matter? Simply because 5 years old marks the first year where you’re getting thrown in The System. Let me explain:

What I call The System is a Man-made evolutionary loop: “Man-made” because it is done by humans to Humans, “evolutionary” because it took hundreds of years to develop, and “loop” because it’s a cycle that repeats itself with some minor iterations every now and then. But you know what, enough with the abstract, and let's get down to what The System is in a reality we understand.

The first phase of your journey begins at 5 years old and extends until 17. During those 12 years at school, you are asked to spend more than half of your days in an institution that will tell you what to do (what to read, what to wear, what to say, what not to say, etc). The artificial aim behind this initiative is to install discipline, morals, and social maturity into you as a growing kid, the real aim however is to make you eligible to enter University which is phase 2.

A bachelor's degree usually takes 3 years to complete and sometimes extends to 4 and more if the chosen subject falls into the scientific field. This time, it’s not about telling you what to do anymore, but how to do it ( how to market a digital product, how to calculate pricing, how to date fossils, or even how to suture wounds). While it’s good to improve your knowledge base and train your memory skills, the main objective remains the same; acquire your diploma of completion so you can finally jump to phase 3 or the working world.

Congratulations! you have reached phase 3 and are now qualified to apply for a job.

It’s not about telling you what or how to do it anymore but to do it. You enter the realm of the practical over the academic. If you do the job effectively, you’ll be able to initiate your kids into The System, if you don’t, well, you’ll cripple your kids’ future in this world.

See where I’m getting at? We go to school so we can attend university and then be accepted into the working world, all that so we can allocate a big portion of the money we generate to put our kids into the same process all over again. Deviate from The System and your chances of financial success are low.

Going back to the opening phrase of this article; your life is written for you in the sense that there are specific steps for all of us to follow if we want to live, make money, succeed, and give the same opportunity to the next generation.

The rest is history!



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Jonathan Garillon


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