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Introducing “New Earth Consciousness” — a new Medium publication

Failing to find an active publication that aligns with my interests, I decided to start my own…

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New Earth Consciousness seeks contributing writers who:

  1. Recognize that our planet has been undergoing a social, psychic and spiritual transformation since at least 2012, and especially starting in 2020, toward a higher dimensional plane.
  2. Know that division, “othering”, and resistance to positive change are major barriers to humankind’s ascension, and that oneness and unconditional love are key to creating a New Earth.
  3. Wish to help the planet and its occupants ascend to a that higher dimensional existence in the smoothest way possible by writing positive and innovative articles, poems and other writings to share with the world.

The publication’s emphasis is on spiritually positive ways that the planet and humankind are transitioning (or can transition) to a more awakened state of existence. Appropriate topics are those related to moving the planet into a 4th and 5th Dimensional reality, and include (but are not limited to):

4D & 5D Technologies

  • Psychic skills development, such intuitive and telepathic communication, dream work and dream travel, and channeling aliens and other dimensional entities
  • New paradigms in science (free energy and new forms of transportation) and medicine (psi, consciousness, quantum psychology, energy healing)
  • Alien contact, interplanetary/galactic travel, time travel, and past/parallel/future life regressions

4D & 5D Thinking

  • Awareness and practice of universal oneness and respect for human diversity and our natural environments, recognizing that everything has value and purpose in life
  • Increased international cooperation to end wars, conflicts, poverty, and environmental exploitation and degradation
  • Transformation and adoption of our economic system, possibly toward more local orientations with a less pronounced global influence, and more focused on meeting needs over accumulating profit
  • Transitions to new forms of governance, education and religion to reflect these new values of oneness and cooperation over competition

This publication does not include writings about:

  • Self-help articles on how to overcome personal psychological and related problems. We recognize that these exist and feel empathy for the many people who face these challenges. However, there are tons of other places on Medium that focus specifically on #Self topics. Some of those articles are relevant on a global scale and would be appropriate here, but most are not. Our focus is generally on social, global and galactic topics. (If you are uncertain about an article, you can ask me.)
  • Conspiracy theories and any similar topics that focus on fear and division within ourselves and our societies. Again, we recognize that these as very real issues of focus for many people that will need to be addressed as part of humankind’s ascension. However, we believe that focusing on them does not necessarily help, and does not align with the love and oneness message of this publication.
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If you feel an alignment with the goals of New Earth Consciousness and would like to contribute your writings, please respond to this article stating your agreement with these terms, and briefly indicating how you could contribute. Alternatively, you can email your Medium ID to me at <>.


Alan Lew, Editor, New Earth Consciousness



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