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Manage your intuition for thriving your Business

Let’s listen again to the conscience that knows us perfectly

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Intuition has never been so important in a crisis context #welcomepandemic. But it has also never been so uncertain. It became more difficult to cross intuition with reason to make up our minds. Complicated to bring this intuition to the fore with the uncertainty of current exogenous facts in the background. And yet…

It is in these moments of insecurity that it is essential to stick ourselves at the famous “why”. We can simply think about:

  • The meaning behind the setting up of your business,
  • The values attached to it.
  • That’s what keeps your personality authentic.

It is (too) easy to lean towards the tendentious side and call for a profit that diverges too much from us to straighten out our finances. But what if the risk were to lose everything? We are shaking this precious “why” because it might turn out to be the soul of his income so far.

These periods are temporary if we keep having a warrior’s mindset. We need to implement concrete solutions that can sometimes be digressions from our activity. But, as long as they remain in phase with the three former points stated, then our roots will be more resistant.

We just should not to confuse optimism with naivety.

Let’s spread around us the positivity we need to receive without falling into the candid mindset. Let’s start from a selfish need by making it real through altruistic motivation.

Stay in tune with your brand image, what it implies and evokes, and its objectives to perpetuate your activity. Therefore, make sure that your actions result from a sharp intuition. Sharpened by the history of work, passion, and the desire to succeed despite exogenous dams.




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